How to take a good shots on your item like realistic.

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I do normally make my items look very presentable when I took a shot using from my Fuji  finepix ditigal camera. I look for an area which is wider enough I can make sure that when taking a shots on your item it can look real for life as if you can see what you get in your buying. The most perfect time to take pictures on your items is on daytime. This can capture a real and perfect shots on your item. All you can do is to adjust your camera into Macro and set it on standard shots. Sometimes bright colors on your product make changes especially when hit by a light  from a sun in your window this is no good. You can see how do my pictures look like. Putting an exaggeration like flowers or anything to display which makes your products look aweful. Be natural and take a picture on the items that is ONLY what you are selling. So this the buyer can recognize straight away what you are selling without any questions ask. I am not professional photographer but I only discover a couple experience during working with my camera and planning how to take a best shots on my  products. I been experimenting taking pictures in night time which I notice the results do not make your items look more realistics because no one can beats the natural light from daytime. Flash doesn't helps too because it makes your item more darker on the shadow. Be simple and clean capture your item. Anyway, everybody has different kinds of ideas but I am only sharing this for a simple guide to those only if you are first timer starting or planning  selling in ebay. Just give it a try maybe it will works for you :)

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