How to take care of your MP4/PMP player?

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Hi fellow eBayers,

So you've just decided to spend some hundred dollars and are now excited with your new MP4/PMP player. Here are a few tips that can help you extend your PMP player's life so that you will be able to enjoy a long and entertaining life with your player.

1. Operating environments:
- Do not operate your player in extreme conditions like exceptionally cold/hot, dusty, humid/dry environments. Especially, keep it away from moisture.
- Do not drop the player while it's playing (well even if it's not playing, dropping is not gonna make a good ending, especially if it's water it's being dropped to).

2. Screen protection:
- LCD and OLED screens are both very delicate. Scratches and nicks make them difficult, if not impossible, to read, and in many cases destroy the display completely. You should buy a screen protector and/or carrying case for your player as soon as possible. Some people especially females leave their players in their purses and the next thing they notice is their players's screen was killed by some unidentified objects!
- Also remember to keep your players away from heat and magnetic sources as these may cause damage to the screen.
- If you use your player while jogging or riding etc, you should consider buying an armband as well.
- Greater care should be taken if your player has a touch screen.

3. Battery care:
- Most players now come with lithium rechargeable batteries and these can be charged via USB cable or a wall charger. I would personally recommend the use of USB cable for charging via your computer. There's been case of malfunctional A/C chargers killing the player altogether. Using the USB socket is safer because it doesn't require the conversion of power source from A/C to D/C.
- NEVER leave your player charged up for too long (e.g. overnight), even when connected to a computer. Charge your battery until full and unplug the player once it's done. Elongated charging time has been shown to shorten the battery life.

4. Data and software protection:
- Do not disconnect the power supply while the player is being formatted, in the progress of firmware upgrade or in the progress of transfering files.
- Take extreme care when upgrading the firmware. Upgrading to the wrong firmware may result in unrecoverable death of the player. My recommendation is: Do not upgrade the firmware if your player is in good working order unless you know exactly what you're doing.
- When transfering files to and from a computer, remember to use proper file management operation. And make sure you use the 'Safely remove hardware' feature of Windows when unplugging your player from a computer.
- Remember to back up your files when formatting or upgrading firmware.

5. Other things you shouldn't do:
- Do not abuse your player. Be gentle and treat it with care.
- Do not dismantle the player by yourself or let an unauthorised person to do so, since this may void the warranty. Contact the seller for warranty claims.
- Do not leave your player in a car under direct sunlight on a hot day.
- Do not use your player for any other functions which it is not designed or supposed to do.

I hope you find this guide helpful and hope you enjoy your new PMP player.

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Thank you for reading and see you at my next review/guide.
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