How to use and offer a Second Chance Offer?

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How to use and offer a Second Chance Offer?

 eBay allows sellers to make use of what they call the Second Chance Offer. This offer can be used by sellers in any one of the following circumstances:

- If a particular winner of your auction does not pay for the product and it remains unsold
- If you have duplicate items of a product that was sold through auction
- If a product did not sell because your reserve price was not bid

In any of the above scenarios, you can make use of the second chance offer. Under this offer, an email will be sent by eBay to the people who bid on your auction and they will be asked if they are interested in buying the item for the amount that they had bid for it in the auction. In case of duplicate items, you will only be allowed to send this offer to as many bidders as the number of duplicate items you have for sale.

You have until 60 days after your auction ends to send a second chance offer. The buyer can choose to reject this offer if they are not interested. As you can only send this offer to a buyer once, do make sure that you have given them at least a week to accept your offer before it is no longer available to them.

Keep in mind that if you have not offered the product initially in an auction style listing, then you will not be able to offer it a second time.

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