How to use the Smartband?

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The Smartband is a light and stylish bracelet that helps you to track your walk routine and sleep pattern. It needs an app for your smart phone to sync data and track your progress.

It is a good option to focus on your steps and don’t get distracted by your mobile but still aware of your calls and messages. It might be a good option for dads and mums that walk frequently with their babies in prams.

This is how it works:

1. If your smart phone is Android, make sure the version is 4.3 or above. If you have an iPhone, the IOS should be 7.0 or above. Please notice that iPhones can’t sync missing call and message notifications.
2. Make sure your smart phone and band are fully charged.
3. With your smart phone, scan the QR code from the smart band box to download the SmartBand app in your smart phone. 
4. Turn on your smart band.
5. Open the Smartband app in your smar phone and if the Bluetooth is off in your phone, allow permission to turn it on by clicking on Allow in the pop up window. Then, in the app click Settings, select BLE Setting while pressing the button closest to the charging slot. In the app select the smart band ID and then make sure the status under BLE Setting changes to Device Connected. You should wait approximately 10 seconds for the data to be synchronized. Add or modify your personal data in the app.
6. Now you can access to the functions.
  • Time: show current date, time and remaining battery power. The date and time can be synchronized by Bluetooth connection with your phone.
  • Step, distance and calories history is kept in the app. Only their current values are displayed on the smart band.
  • Sleep: press the button that is opposite to the charging slot for 3 seconds to make the smart band enter or exit the sleep mode. During sleep mode, the band will record the time you should be spending asleep and it will be displayed in the app. A Sleep History is kept in the app.
  • Missing call notification: show the call ID of your final call.
  • Missing message notification: will vibrate and show phone number of your final message.
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