How to use timeframes in readings to your advantage.

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It is often difficult to know how to take the timeframes that one hears in a reading and it’s so easy to feel disappointed when you wait and watch the calendar just to discover that the particular incident does not happen when it has been predicted to happen.

In order to help with this, I’ve written the following information to help you understand the concept of time and how it works in relation to predictions for the future. This information has been gained from my many years of working with prediction and watching the results as well as information the guides have shared with me in relation to the subject.
When a reading is performed and information is given, that information is current and correct at the exact moment of the reading. All situations that are predicted can be changed and the future changes each second. This is because of the number of changeable elements to the information.

When people are involved with any information and let’s face it, that’s basically what readings are based upon, then the people involved with the situation will have the power to change the future associated to the particular subject being discussed. The changes occur due to their reactions and decisions.

It works like the ripples in a pond. Each person reacts in their own unique way according to their experiences and learning. Their reaction affects the next person whose reaction and decisions will be based upon their unique experiences etc. This creates an infinite number of possible outcomes. As there is no way to determine what each person’s decision or reaction will be, it makes it impossible to see each and every possible future. The future that is predicted is what will happen should there be no changes between that moment and the actual event that is predicted.

Sometimes, all people involved continue on the path they are currently travelling, but sometimes they change their decisions or other situations may happen around them that make their decisions different to what it would have been when the reading was performed.

Here’s a theoretical example so the following names are ones I’ve just made up to explain what I mean…
Doris has a reading to say that she’ll meet a man in 2 years time. Doris keeps an eye on the calendar and 2 years goes by without meeting her man and of course she feels let down and upset. What Doris doesn’t know is that the man could have missed meeting her at the spot they were to meet because he got up late that day and he arrived at the foretold location 10 minutes after Doris left.

Doris starts to go through all sorts of emotions and feels terrible.

Well, what Doris doesn’t know is that it’s not over yet. Life will continue to create meeting points and one of those days you two WILL meet. The timeframe in readings helps. I use them as vague guides so I know whether to expect something within months or years. The best way to get peace of mind in a reading is just to keep the foretold event in mind and adopt a relaxed attitude, allowing nature to do what it does best – work with the flow of life and bring the situation to you when all involved parties are ready. With foretold situations that are negative it can work a little differently in some cases. If you have a situation foretold that you can do something about such as a health issue, then you can help to prevent that by changing whatever is currently happening around you to become healthier such as lose weight, exercise, eat healthy food etc. This CAN work to avoid the situation from occurring.
Some foretold situations will come with a proviso. In other words, this good thing will happen IF you do something else in the meantime. Too many people walk away from readings and remember the ‘what will happen’ and not the ‘if’. Read your reading very carefully several times. Each sentence can hold more than one message and the point to having the reading is to see how your future looks at this very moment so that you can alter what you want to change in your upcoming future. Unfortunately some people think that future events are set in stone and therefore can’t be bothered doing anything to change them, but this is not so.

Life has a harmony. It’s living, it’s constantly moving like a tide, it’s constantly flowing and what you do will create your own harmony within that whole. The ripples from your harmony or tune will flow out and affect everything around you. Having a reading is a fabulous tool and opportunity to change that future and make it what you will. You really do have the power to control your own future. Just keep in mind that other harmonies around you will be affected by yours and will affect yours so you’ll need to constantly check and keep altering your decisions etc. to help it flow the direction you want it to.
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