How to use your printed icing topper sheet

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Soft & Sweet printed icing cake/cupcake toppers
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Soft & Sweet printed icing cake/cupcake toppers

Delicious Toppers add WOW to your cakes

These awesome, easy to use toppers will amaze your family & friends & delight your children. Imagine the joy on their faces when they see their photo, favourite character or name on a cake! The possibilities of design are only limited by your imagination.

To add the topper to your cake/cupcakes....

Have your cake ready ~ cooled & frosted. White butter-cream frosting is best but any will work, even ice cream cakes. Your frosting should be fresh, not dry. If the frosting becomes dry spray a fine mist of water over the area your icing sheet is to be placed, just enough to moisten it slightly.

If you are using whipped cream on your cake, it is advisable to first lay your icing sheet on a thin rolled out piece of fondant then apply to your whipped cream cake surface. You will achieve a better finish and your topper icing sheet will look its best.

If your image is not pre-cut take a clean pair of scissors & cut your image/s out.

To remove the frosting sheet simply pull the backing paper off slowly.
If your icing sheet does not peel off the backing it's because it's too damp. In most cases due to humidity.
There are a number of things you can do:
• Use a hair dryer to blow hot air on the backing sheet for 30-40 seconds
• Leave the sheet in normal room conditions to allow it to dry sufficiently
• Roll the sheet over the edge of a desk to encourage the frosting to come off
• Leave the sheet in an air conditioned room for a short time
• Place the sheet in a warm dry oven at a low temperature for about 1-2 minutes, or lay the sheet on a warm pan for 1-2 minutes
• Place the sheet in a very cold dry freezer for 10-15 seconds. Not Longer.

Lay the icing sheet on top of the cake from the middle first then out to the ends.
If there are any wrinkles gently pat them with dry fingers to smooth them out.
Add a piped border or edge decoration of your choice to finish.
If you did not have words printed on your icing sheet you can now add them by hand on top.
After the sheet is on the cake for around 10 mins it will merge with the frosting on the cake.
My toppers are soft and therefore easy to cut. No need to remove it to cut your cake. They can also enhance the flavour of your cake as they are sweet vanilla, made from natural ingredients, gluten, dairy & nut free. The ink is also egg free. Safe for all :)

ENJOY!! :0)

NOTE: Refrigeration is not necessary unless the climate is very dry. Be careful not to let water drip onto the Icing Sheets either before or after they are on the cake. The sheet will melt and ruin your image.

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