How to win that item....... in them last few seconds!

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So the auction has been running for a while now and you and another buyer have been at head to head to get it? How do you raise the odds so you are more likely to win the item compared to them? The answer is quite simple really: 1. Whatever you do do not lkeave the auction to "luck" becasue more than likely the other buyer is online waiting to win the item 2. Have two different window open of the same item: This is so that you can have you bid ready and waiting on one page so you can enter your bid in the last few seconds if necessary. 3. Have the other page open and continue to refresh that page. If you are currently winning the bids then watch carefully as they may try and slip in a bid without you noticing. Ifd you are not the current winning bidder i would recomend that you bid so that they do not have an maximum bid which beats yours and you may miss out. 4. Bid if nessesary to win. I cannot guarantee that you will always win the auction but i have found that this technique generraly works for me. Goodbye and goodluck


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