How to write an effective description!

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Your Description is the part of the Auction where you tell prospective buyers excatly what you're selling. You must keep in mind that the Decription and Photo are all the buyer has to work with so you need to make it count.

In an item decription (on most sites) it's fine to use HTML to add a bit of color and a few extra pictures - use this feature! If you don't know how, I suggest going to a site to learn a bit about how to go about HTML. It's not important to use HTML in a description - what is important - is actually DESCRIBING you item. Before trying to add HTML to the likes of Ebay, make sure that you check their editing feature fully, as it has many bits and pieces so you don't need to use HTML.

You would be surprised at just how many people don't describe their item. Many people will put something like "cute top". What does that mean????????? What size is it? Color? Brand? Measurements? Rips? Marks? - It really is amazing how many people don't describe what they're selling.

When selling something, the absolute MINIMUM you should put in the description is:
*Color of item
*Age (new or used)
*Condition (marks, cracks, rips, etc.)
*Size (if applicable)

These are an absolute minimum and will work with pretty much any item you are selling. Of course with a CD or DVD, etc you don't need to put the color of the item, for these types of items I suggest writing what is on it! For example if you are describing a CD, put what songs are on it. It's REALLY handy for people - saves them having to Google the CD title to find out what's actually on it.

Another important thing to look at when writing your description is your sales pitch. Personally, I like the way some buyers make me feel like my life would be so much better with the item. If the item is limited edition, unique, etc - then be sure to tell them that! Everyone likes to own something rare and unique, even if it's handmade. There are many people buying clothes for example and altering them to make them unique. I have seen these kind of items go for almost double what they would if nothing had been done to them.

What buyers will be asking, and what you will have to answer in your description is - "Why do I NEED this item?"

When writing your description, avoid flashing lights, sounds and cursors. These can be cute and fun for a few seconds, but they can cause browsers to crash, family members to wake up and people generally dislike these items. Don't be tempted just because it looks cute! A few small, SMALL images are okay. Make sure they're are SMALL, and don't bombard your description with them. It ruins it.

You should always make buyers aware of what your "Terms Of Sale" are. For instance, do you take returns, what happens with the item never arrives, how much is shipping, do you combine postage, etc etc.

One thing buyers like, is contact information. They like to SEE you have an email address, and maybe even a mobile phone number. I don't suggest a home phone number as that can interfer way too much. You aim is to make people feel like you aren't going to rip them off.

In today's life, it's a common problem that people want to avoid.

Follow these simple tips when writing a description and I see no reason why you're item shouldn't sell, and sell at a good price! :)

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