How to write the perfect ebay listing: basic version

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There's no doubt about it, ebay is lots of fun for buyers, however, it can be even more fun for sellers.

When your just starting on ebay however, it can all be a bit daunting.

I remember way back when, 10 years ago now; I was tearing my hair out trying to master basic listing principles.

Well, I finally mastered it, it didn't take long, only an hour or two (I am a slow learner!)

Ebay does have lots of useful information available for members on pretty much any topic realting to both selling and buying,

designed to make your ebay experience as pleasant as possible.

What's really important to remember as a seller, is that if you can master the basics of good copy; then your more than half way there.

Here's a quick and simple 'for the dummies' guide to typing up a basic listing, and maybe even pocketing some cash along the way!

Basic Listing: Example

As this guides page does not support font and font size functions.

I will make my suggestions as to how you copy should look in brackets next to each sentence where applicable.

1. TITLE (bold, uppercase,underline, black or dark blue works well - also, capital letter for each word)

2. Subtitle (bold,lLowercase, underline, contrasting colour to title like red works well, also capital letter for each word)

3. Item Description:

Be sure to outline for your customer in concise sentences or bullet point works well too, the FEATRES and BENEFITS of your item.

Small Paragraphs also work well and they are easier on the eye.

4. Payment Method: outline the payment methods that you offer,  and the payment timeframe that you will allow your buyer.

5. Postage: outline briefly your postage specifics for example: what is the actual Aussie post charge for the item + your handling fee if any; 

along with  the expected delivery time frame for your buyer.

For example, postman Pat may take 3 - 5 days to deliver, however, it may take you two days to pack and post; therefore the expected delivery of your item would be 5 - 7 working days.

6. Returns Policy: if any.

Please note that there are important laws associated with the sale of new goods by way of fixed price auctions,

consumers have rights and if your item arrives damaged; you may want to offer a return policy for your buyer:

registered post sometimes is a good idea for this reason, especially for fragile items:

postal insurance is included in registered post items of up to $100 in value automatically.

Extra insurance can also be purchased.

7. Finally, why should the buyer trust you?

Why should a buyer shop in your store or bid on your auction?

Try to evoke in one short parragraph the reasons why you are a trustworthy seller.

have fun and good luck with your listings!


Gallery photos are vital: auctions without gallery photos or any photos for that matter experience fewer bids if any!


If this all seems like too much work, or perhaps you are just too time poor to bother; there is another way!

Locate an ebay Trading assistant, who is operating in or near your home or workplace.

Trading assistants are verified ebay members who meet and satisfy ebays minimum trading assistant critera.

For a percentage of your auction ending price, minus costs, an ebay trading assistant will photograph your item/s, list them and manage your auction; from begining to end.

Then all you have to do from there is pocket the profits!

By utilising the services of an ebay trading assisitant, everyones wins!

Ebay trading assistants are easily located through ebay's community pages: good luck!

I hope that you have found this quick guide helpful.

Happy ebaying!





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