I like Justin Timberlake!!!Do you have anything to sell

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Hi I love Justin Timberlake and share the same initial's not made up but by birth...I am interested in buying justin items...if you sell his music etc and poster's,badge's contact me via ebay and I will add your product's to this guide or links...thanks JT...check out his awesome BeBo page...if you are an artist or musician and haven't be on ..."YOU TUBE"...where have you been,asleep...check it out it's all designed for self promotion of your artistic and creative project's to be veiwed over the internet in crystal clear video format...I am currently working on a small NEW ZEALAND...doco of when I was homeless and lived in my car and I'm not afraid to admit it...so has "jewel", who I've seen live and was only a few row's back when she and her mum sang in wellington,new zealand...There are more people in the world living in vehicles than anybody realises...no government takes this into account when thinking about their cities infra-structure and social policies...Has anyone ever asked or tried to count the number's on people living in car's,van's,buses's,house trucks..permanently in a camper...retired and living on the road...I know first hand people in AUSTRALIA/NEW ZEALAND/america and in LONDON(HI PUTU)...as too are alot of other people in the world...as you can live quite safely,comfortably and cheaply in a van and draw very little attention to yourself that you can sleep safely at night in New Zealand without being disturbed as I did for 3months...
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