Increase or Decrease your flash output with one button, Plus Tips

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How can I turn down my Speed light flash output power?

Every Digital SLR external flash or Speedlight as it is also called, has a minus and plus indicator to up the output power or reduce it.

A handy tool for when you are happy with your settings, but want that extra or reduced amount of light output.
When both are on and in the default, standard mode, you will notice a 0.0 on your flash LCD screen.

  • Press the UP button for more power and the plus symbol will show in front of the LCD digits.
  • Press the DOWN button for less output power and a minus will show next to the LCD digits.
Simple, yet extremely effective.  As an extra tip - tilt your flash head up to the ceiling- if it is a standard height ceiling and especially if it is white/ beige in colour. 
This way you will have diffused light for groups or portraits and even still life.  A great way to change your Photographic style and give your lighting a more even look.
You can purchase diffusers for your flash and there is a great diffuser "sock" which is easy to carry and also increases the light to a stop at least while directing the light to the subject and not everywhere else.  The black material backing stops light from traveling behind the flash.
When buying an external flash, get one which rotates so you can bounce the light off any object,  off any coloured wall,  to produce cheap and exciting way of creating new looks to your photography.
Many slow response times for flash start up are due to reduced battery power. It is hard to tell on a lot of speedlights because some do not have a battery icon. A simple change of the batteries and your flash can feel like it is serviced and full of life!

No matter what type of SLR camera you are using-  speedlights are a great way to improve your indoor photography. While lenses with small F stops and high ISO levels certainly help to take pictures in low-light environments, they often do not work well for  groups of people as you need them all in focus at the one time.
In low-light situations, cameras find it hard to get the correct focus, motion often results in too much blur and bright backgrounds can ruin the subject’s face and emotions. Speedlights /flashes are versatile accessories or tool that are designed to overcome these problems and deliver sharp, blur-free and noise-free images with beautifully exposed subjects.

At the same time, without the right technique, a flash can quickly transform pictures into flat, lifeless images.

A simple bounce technique—bouncing the light from a  Speedlight off of a wall or ceiling can help change the feeling you want to portray in your images. The addition of a second light will further separate your subject from the background. Plus the use of a F2.8 or similar lens, will give your subject a crisp and uncluttered background by blurring and giving you an almost soft-like, pastel painting effect.

Who said you weren't an artist?  Every photograph is a work of art!

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