Informed decision on performance chip tuning

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The purpose of this guide is to provide others enough information that will help them in making an informed decision on whether to purchase or not.

While I'm not an expert on chip performance tuning, I am qualified to describe the investigation that I have performed.

There is a product being solicited on eBay that makes claims, some which are questionable and others that are misleading.
The product may make some improvement but this has not been tested as it was not part of the investigation.

The product does come as described with a single unit, a number of wires, a 3 position switch, LED and an adjustable screw. Provided with it is a sheet that describes how to implement the unit.

2 wires are used for connection to monitor the vehicle signals, they are the O2 sensor (GREEN) and the MAF sensor (YELLOW).
Both of these wires are open circuit (that's technical talk for they "go no where")

2 wires are used for connection to the vehicle's battery
3 way switch which is described as providing 3 driving modes PERFORMANCE, CITY DRIVE, ECONOMY.
This 3 way switch provides LED GREEN, LED OFF, LED RED and nothing more.
I assume that LED GREEN is ECONOMY as LED RED sounds faster.

2 wires that need to be in series with the vehicle IAT.
This inserts a series resistance that is added to the signal from IAT to the vehicle ECU.

Again, this guide is only to describe what was found in investigating the performance chip tuning which was purchased at random, it is in no way to imply that other units are fraudulent or in fact that the units on offer are of the same standard.

As they say, buyers beware, if it is too good to be true then it probably isn't.

Photo's of the unit can be provided, but I doubt that it would benefit the purpose of this guide

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