Issued Badges & Military Items

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Why is it people insist on calling issued badges  & military items fakes when worn during service ??? To date none of the eBay experts have been able to explain that to me.If anything they get extremely hostile when pointed out to them that what they have written in their books does not add up any longer.During WW1 & WW2 different metals were used by different makers due to shortages of brass,copper,bronze etc. Personally I consider  badges issued by any defence force and worn by the military the real thing. Also other items even if made overseas instead of Australia as long as it was and had been worn  by the relevant force .If there were shortages at the time  items were bought from British or US makers or anywhere they could get their hands on to fill the gap particular if it was cheap to purchase by the defence dept and issued to relevant troops.What are they going to argue over in the future, items clearly marked which I have seen myself Made in China and issued to Australian army navy and airforce  and worn while in the service. Are those items made overseas and having been worn by Australian Defence going to be called fakes as well ?????????? Would like other thoughts on that.......


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