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LED Globes are finally bright enough and affordable enough to be mainstream in all households. In this guide we answer questions like : "Why use LED globes instead of halogen?" and what to look for when buying LED globes . We attempt to unlock some of the mystery of LED so people can see the huge benefits and get the product they need. It's not that difficult. So please read on...

 People are now able to retrofit their existing downlights by swopping the old halogen globes for these new more energy and cost efficient LED globes. Others are installing downlights for the first time and LED is now the obvious choice.

So why use LED globes instead of halogen?

1) You are helping to save the planet. Less power consumption means less greenhouse emissions. You are fighting global warming and doing your bit for the environment.

2) You are saving a LOT of money on electricity. This saving on your power costs means the globes are paying for themselves in approximately 14 months and then continue to save you money. The LED globes we supply at  Mighty Lighting Solutions would compare to halogen globes in the following way:
If you use 1 x 6watt LED GU10 globe instead of a standard 50 watts GU10 halogen globe, the brightness is virtually the same, but you are using 44 watts less power (6 watts instead of 50 watts)! That's a saving of 88%. 

3) You don't need heat guards because they produce such a small amount of heat

4) Less heat from globes means less heat in your home during summer

5) You can choose between WARM white or COOL white coloured globes  (Warm white globes emit a warmer cosier more yellowish light similar to incandescent globes, whereas COOL white globes emit a colder whiter light. In general warm is nicer in indoor living areas and cool is suitable for outdoor areas.)

6) LED globes typically have a 30,000 hour lifespan compared to an average 2,000 hours for a halogen GU10 globe

The GU10 240 volt LED globes we supply at  Mighty Lighting Solutions have a built in chip to drive the LED, so no other drivers are needed. They can simply be put into your existing 240 volt downlight to replace the old energy hungry halogen globe you currently have in there. ( Some globes on the market require you to buy an external driver , so be careful. )

What to look for when choosing your LED Globe:

You will see a list of specifications for the LED globe. With LED technology, the wattage (which tells you how much power the globe will consume  and therefore how much your power bill will be)  is not the best indicator of how bright the globe will be. The most important figure is the LUMENS .  (A Lumen is the total amount of visible light emitted in a light beam or angle.) . There are many LED globes on the market. Some that appear to be a good buy at first, because they have a high wattage, are actually not as bright as you would expect because they have a low lumen output. So be sure to check the Lumens before you buy!

Make sure there is a warranty on the globes. All the GU10 LED globes we supply at  Mighty Lighting Solutions have a 2 Year warranty.

We also have a range of complete downlight kits at extremely competitive prices, which include the LED globe, and the downlight , complete with GU10 base holder and terminal block. Please visit our Ebay store   Mighty Lighting Solutions to see them or to purchase the globes separately.

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