LED Tail Lights

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There are literally thousands of set of LED tail lights for sale on ebay. Some vary in price dramatically. You may find yourself asking , are they all the same? After all, they look the same. The answer is no. There are now thousands, yes thousands of different LED light manufacturers around the world. Most of which are in China and quite a few in Taiwan.

In our research over the years, we have found very clearly that in the case with LED lights, you most definitely get what you pay for. How many times have you been parked behind a truck, ute or trailer and seen a set of tail lights with a number of failed LED's, we'd guess lots of times. It looks bloody terrible. Below are some tips that we hope might help you make an informed decision on buying your next set of LED tail lights.
  • Look at how many lights the seller has sold, and compare this to the amount of positive feedback the seller has. Most sellers have their feedback private to stop other sellers watching their competitions sales, but this is irrelevant, if they have near perfect feedback score and sold lots of tail lights, you get a pretty good idea.
  • Read the sellers add carefully, if there is grammar mistakes and poor spelling, chances are you are buying from an overseas owned business. They don't know Australian quality like an Australian.
  • Copy cats, steer clear of them. We see it all to often sellers stealing somebodies brand to flog off their cheap and nasty LED's. We are constantly reporting people for this practice.
  • Phone number-Ensure their is a phone number listed for you to call should their be any problems, otherwise your warranty may not be worth the paper it is written on.
  • Do a quick google search on the seller. See if they have a website. LED lights seem to be a fly by nighters birth right. We can all agree, many sellers come and go like gypsies. Leaving your warranty worthless.
We hope that this guide has in some way helped you make an informed decision on your purchase of LED tail lights, or any LED product for that matter.

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