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Just because it is listed :

Cheaply, An unwanted gift, no dust bag DOES NOT MEAN ITS FAKE.

Today i listed an authentic Louis Vuitton hand bag. Within 20 mins of me listing it with no bids at this stage.  I received a message from a supposed buyer ? Informing me to be careful of my authentic wording because i might get an angry buyer who will report me and that i should check out the guides with the view of what warrants and authentic LV handbag and what to look out for ones you should not bid on.

Well let me tell you.  Each of these guides are from people who are sharing their own experience and giving you their advice, and it is not necessarily an experts advice. But merely a persons opinion on their experience. Whilst i am not here to critic the people in these guides but merely assuring you that you should trust your own instincts. There are hundreds and thousands of reasons for why people list things the way they do. Lack of experience in listing, listing something cheaply because they dont wish to pay the expensive fees associated with selling or perhaps they are wanting to sell an item and listed starting cheaply so they guarantee it gets sold etc etc.

Everyone has different opinions, and unless the guide is from a Louis Vuitton Manufacturer than i would suggest the advice be merely viewed as a persons experience.

I can honestly tell you that i have listed a Authentic Louis Vuitton, which is monogramed, has LV Lining, zipper slider made in france and LV logo on it and listed it starting bid at 0.99c and it is an unwanted gift given to me from a trip overseas.

And hear are my reasons why :

My ex went to europe and asked me what did i want him to bring me back and i told him a Louis Vuitton handbag.

Which i got. Not quite what i expected and too small, and merely not my style but perhaps something he should have brought his mother and the style that she would use. At the risk of sounding ungrateful cause all i had ever wanted was a louis vuitton hand bag.

Notice i said my ex, we are no longer together, hence i dont wish to keep it. I never used it, it is still new just doesnt have the dust bag or the tags. Like any gift i suppose you take of the tags prior to giving it. 

Why did i list it for 0.99c, because i didnt wish to pay the expensive fees for listing it with a starting price of $200 when i get the same thing for listing it for 99c. why should i waste any money i make on paying selling fees. The second reason is because at .99c nearly everyone will look at it and it was my aim that someone who was the same as me that always wanted one would have the chance or hope at successfully bidding on it. And because i am not sure what this handbag is worth otherwise i would have listed it at buy it now or a higher starting price as it was a gift.

At the end of the day, you go on your instincts and no one  is forcing you to buy it. The old adage is: if it looks like a rat and smells like a rat then it probably is a rat.  Same for Louis Vuitton Handbags : if it looks like LV and it smells like LV and it has all the logos of Louis Vuitton than it probably is Louis Vuitton.

I hope this guide also helps you decide with out all the doom and gloom of other LV guides.

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