Laptop Notebook Computer - System requirements

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If you are on the market for a laptop notebook please take into account these considerations
Technological stuff for computer:
CPU : Central processing unit               Memory RAM: Random access memory     Hard Drive: Your information storage - e.g 1 mp3 song = 5mb , 1 movie= 5GB

Optical Drive: CD ROM - DVD ROM - DVD CDRW - DVD RW+/-   ---- DVDRW+/- can read DVDs/ CDs and burn DVDs/CDs
Battery Life: depends on how many application you running

Intel CPU name (from lower to higher speed) : Pentium IIIm, Pentium IVm, Pentium M, Intel Duo Core ....

- What application softwares you want to run on the computer

         - Basics need : Running office ( word processor, presentation software, spreasheet ...)  Internet , playing DVD   95% of people only need to use computer for this
         - Business needs: Running office + Accounting software
         - Advance Requirement: Using pro - video editing software , playing 3D games - always fast

For those who only need these basic requirement: A Pentium IIIm 1.0Ghz with 256 mb RAM + LAN + Modem + Wireless PCMCIA + DVD can do that job for you
For business need: The system with Pentium IVm 2.0ghz preferable 1.0G of RAM ( good for MYOB or Quickbook)
For Advanced User: its is a top of the range system, DuoCore system is prefered with 256MB RAM of Video Card and 2 GB of RAM

After Knowing what type of system you want to use then doing your research for brand - especially for used computer the Business Laptop model is always last longer than the Home model ---- HP Compaq - DELL - IBM - Acer - Asus - Toshiba -

There is always a good reason to choose the business model, all laptop notebook manufacturer divide their product into 3 ranges
Home User - Entry model : Sub $1000            ---- Business Model $2000            ---- Top end model (Fast CPU, Fast Video Card)         $3000 and more.

However there is some brand is always overpricing such as Sony and Toshiba, ask the dealer if you spend 3k on a Sony laptop - how long for warranty . Sadly 1 year - Got to be careful, lots of laptop fail betweens 14 - 18months since brand new

This is only a few thing that I can mention here - a list can go on and on.

- Do you need a highly portable computer, easy to to carry around
-Extra or 2nd battery: make the laptop running around 6-8hrs for one charge
-Expendable options : such as Docking station,  Slot for PCMCIA ,  Serial Ports?
-Easy to get part at reasonable price when you need to replace something?
-How long you want to use that computer? one year, 2 year, as long as it can....

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