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Finding the perfect pair of jeans can be a nightmare for EVERYONE, whether you are a size 6 or 26 there a pair that will be PERFECT for you, here are some tips on getting them!!!!:)


Jean cuts change every season, wide leg is in, now skinny leg and so on and so forth..FORGET WHAT IS IN FASHION!! If Skinny leg is "IN" but not for you, then i suggest starting your search at a jeans specialist that will stock every shape.. not just what is in... for example, Just Jeans, Jeans West, Lee/Wranger etc..


Straight cut or boot leg is the style that will suit majority of people. 



Medium denim, 2% elastane (which most quality denim have) if the perfect amount, enough stretch without becoming a jean legging :( If you find a pair of jean with a huge amount of stretch the elastane will take over, your jeans will become old, worn out and ill fitting well before there time.



Darker the denim the more flattering, slimming and well versatile, lighter denims will show off your thighs, bum and every bump and lump you may have but they will also always look like JEANS, yes that is what you are wearing but in an indigo (darkest blue denim) or black you will instantly have the, dress up or down, down pat!!




This is measuring from the top of the waist band to the crotch.


A Mid Rise is the most flattering to most body shapes. This will sit below the belly button, helping to hold any tummy in and will avoid the dreaded Muffin Top, an ideal measurement is  20 to 23cm for size 10 -12 and just add a centimetre or subtract, for sizes up or down..



This is the measure from the bottom of your bottom to the top of the back waistband.


Just need a jean that will cover your butt cleavage at all times, so an ideal measurement is,  31 to 34cm for size 10 -12 and add or subtract one centimetre for each subsequent size up or down.



This is a measurement i think people dont look at alot, this can create the overall shape of your denim, if the opening is to small it will be skinny or tapered, creating your thighs to look larger and ankles look tiny.. if you are in proportion or dont carry weight in your legs, then go for them, but in the case you do, go for a straight or slight boot cut..





Pockets again i think are over looked, pockets are the ticket to achieving the right answer when you ask "do these make my bum look big"??


If the pockets are to big and low, it will drag your backside down making it look long and misshapen.


If the pockets are to far to the side of the jean, then this will widen your backside making it alot bigger than it is.


If the pockets are to far in, so close to the inner seam, your bottom will appear smaller but hips will appear must wider, again creating a strange shape..

If you have no bum, pockets with detail or flaps are good, more width on the pockets will create width on your bum, if you have some junk in the trunk, avoid any detail on pockets!!


IDEAL pocket - Is a pocket that is flat and sits centre, the should be curved and not a bit square!!




JEANS WEST _ inexpensive, they also have great specialty denim, extra long, petite, tummy trimmer and more!!


JUST JEANS - The know their denim and staff are normally quite helpful

BETTINA LIANO - My favourite jeans.. Priced between $180-$300 per pair.. (Can pick up a BARGAIN here on ebay) but are gorgeous and last a long time!! Her sizing is different, (well i believe easier)

NORMAL SIZING - 26 =8 28=10 etc

BETTINA SIZING - 26 = 6 28 =8 etc



Any questions .. you know where to find me!! xx

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