Machine Embroidery Design Card Format compatabilty tips

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 The world of Machine embroidery  is amazing however it can be confusing. When I first looked at listings I was totally confused - what does ART JEF  PES mean? These are the formats of the files which an embroidery machine can utilize. But which is which? I can never remember so I have complied a list which I use and I hope it will help you.

Brother Cards  look the same as the Husqvarna and Bernina cards however not all will work in your machine.
If a Card is a Brother Disney all but a few ( Taste Of Disney ) will only work in a Brother Disney machine ( Snoopy is not Disney). Bernina Deco will work in Brother machines and vis versa however Bernina Artisa (Art) will not work in a Brother Machine. Husqvarna cards do not work in Brother.

There seems to be two types Janome cards. the 300e and 350e do not accept some cards... Of the cards I have used the straight sided cards seem to work while the cards with a curve just before it goes into the machine does not. An adapter can be purchased for the 300e and 350e which accepts the compact flash cards. However you may need a converter box to transfer the designs from cd or card to the flash card.

Many sellers sell copies of files which are emailed to you or you are given a code to access them on the web. Please be aware that if purchased on ebay and paid via paypal you are not covered by the buyer protection program due to the nature of the item... I found this out when one seller  - received my funds via paypal but never responded. So check the feedback of the seller.

Remember to make a back up copy of these designs as if you crash - you may lose them and  some digitizers will charge you for another copy.

Not all digitizers are good at what they do. If you like the designs and want to purchase a heap - buy one first - try it - if it's good - then buy more... Nothing worse than buying heaps and then finding jump stitches or stitch density problems (I broke lots of needles this way). It is always good to buy from a digitizer who stitches the designs out before they market them (their designs are a more reliable quality).

Over several experiences I have found some of the larger genuine digitisers package their software in photocopied dodgy looking covers. After checking i have found the items are fair dink not fraudulent - so looks can be deceiving - check before leaving feedback.

eBay discussion boards have a craft thread which is great to look at too.

 Overall purchasing on eBay for designs , cards, thread and extras has been very rewarding for me and I hope my experience helps you avoid disappointing pitfalls and enjoy creating heaps with your embroidery machine.

Any questions, comments, tips please contact me

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