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I have just fixed up a few things on this listing to cater for International clientele and businesses. We have added to combine shipping, ebay's version of australia posts calculator (is such a mess) that when I checked out, it came out as $40.00, it is quite a lot. I have fixed it but there is also a way of not checking out and to WAIT FOR INVOICE. Pls check with EBAY HELPDESK how to do this. DO NOT CHECK OUT so I can invoice you with the cheapest possible shipping to your liking. Insurance is a FLAT RATE $9.00 AUD. If you would like to get more. I can send an Invoice to you. If you have changed your mind after the invoice tally, its okay, as long as I havent had it sent, im always happy to cancel any orders. Its just that before, I sent an item without payment to a lady in U.S. and she declined due to postage fee and it was her mistake as she didnt check we are in Australia (really it wouldve cost her nothing because our AUD was weaker than the dollar) and she didnt decide to pay and she confirmed she had received the item, for ours it was a business lost. The item was a very rare cake cutter made in England. Oh Well, we base everything under Trust. Anyway for good news, we have shipped this item to a winery business in Canada, he wondered and emailed for a bit and then Voila, it arrived, It had no insurance (and i wrote on the parcel box PLS DO NOT STEAL Lol. I mean really its for specialised use. so Yeah :-). The weight gets a bit slightly more because its is regarded as "food" so we have to pack it nicely and properly with padded bag. It is showing something like 20.70 onced packed (this is in AUD) Thank you. I wait to her from you
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