Mobility versus Power

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When purchasing a notebook there is a lot to take into consideration. Price is obviously a big factor however discarding this there is mobility or power. There is an increasing rate of “desktop replacements” entering the market. These notebooks are big, normally 17” screens, heavy and powerful, containing dedicated graphics cards and high powered cpus. This makes them very immobile because they are difficult to move around and the battery does not last very long, 2 hours seem to be the average for a desktop replacement. They are, however, very good for gaming and intense things such as video rendering. Then there is the mobile end of the scale. These notebooks have small screens, around 12”, intergraded graphics and very long battery lives, up to and over 8 hours. These notebooks are very easy to move around and will last all day without using external power. They are, however, not very powerful limiting them to tasks like word processing. So when buying a notebook these factors have to be weighed up. If a slightly more powerful notebook is wanted then mobility has to be sacrificed and the other way around. There are exceptions to this, with notebooks containing very powerful graphics processing units, gpus, and powerful cpus and still managing to be very small with a long battery life but generally these notebooks are very expensive. So the hunt to find the right mix is difficult so hopefully you will find the right mix between mobility and power which is right for your needs.
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