Nigeria is a scam/Fake shipping agent/Contact Live Help

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If you sell anything and the buyer is from Nigeria/Africa or wants it
posted to there don't send it.


They might say they have relatives there or elsewhere,(eg: UK or

Europe),are peacekeepers,doing missionary work,working on an
oil rig or a variety of other "professions"

Sometimes they will Email you with a fake PP message stating
that it's been paid or that Ebay or Paypal are holding the funds
and will release them once the item has been received.

Whatever they say or message,it's false information as they will
use a hijacked account and stolen credit cards to "pay".

You will always lose your item and will receive nothing in return.

So stay safe,if it mentions anything  from Nigeria/Africa it's a scam.

You can report it through Account Security Live Help:

When an account is reported as stolen, eBay generally remove
the listing, email you and refund your listing fee,you may need
to request a final value fee:

Report them for false contact details and they will be become,
NARU ,(Not A Registered User) in a few days: false identity help.


Put buyer blocks in place:

Go to your My eBay then Account,Site Preferences,Buyer

Requirements,Show,Edit and click on:

1. Block buyers who are registered in countries to which I
don’t post

Tick any others you want..

Click on: Apply above settings to current and future listings..

And then Submit

Do not use a BIN (Buy It Now) option when re listing your item.

Watch out for spoof or phishing emails you may get, as a
precaution ,run all your spy ware and virus protection and
change your passwords.

My apology if any link doesn't go direct to where it's supposed
to as Ebay keeps changing things.


Fake shipping agent scam:


If a buyer Emails you for an order and mentions a personal
shipping agent that will come for the pick up,it's a scam.


You will receive a fake email advising you that payment had been
made and was being held for you.


The FAKE payment would supposedly include extra payment for
the agent's fee.


They will tell you that the payment couldn't be accessed, could
you please pay the agent's fee by Western Union or another
unsafe payment method.


They will either pay with a stolen credit card or a hijacked
PP account.


They could just be after your Email addy.


Or they might send phishing Email to try and get you passwords.


Do not have any contact with them.


Beware of any spoof / phishing emails you may receive
Do not open them and do not click on any links.


Report it through Live Help:

When the member ID is NARU (not a registered user) you can
file an Unpaid Item Dispute through your Account >
Resolution Centre (top of page) in your my eBay using the reason
"buyer is no longer registered".

Your final value fees will be refunded to you immediately.

Contact Live Help:
Then just click on Start Chat and wait for a live help assistant.

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