OPI lovers? You really should read this before you bid!

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Everyone knows about fake LV, fake Gucci, fake Tiffany were once listed on Ebay. Now the good thing is they got taken away ( well, most of them). How about fake OPI? They don't worth a fortune so sometimes people don't even think about OPI on Ebay can be fake too. You come to Ebay and look for a bargain, saw a bottle of OPI sell for $8 buyout. You thought you are lucky, are you really? If you were gonna buy fake OPI, why don't you buy some other brands? After all you can't take the bottle with you to show off, the color on your finger tips does!

Okay, now there are few things to look for before you bid:

1. The front.

Letter "L" of "mL" is upper case and "Fl" is lower case. The font of the number "5" is very special.

2. The warning signs at the back.
Apart from the clear printing of all the information, the order of 4 warning signs has to follow exact the same order as shown in pic here. If they were swapped around, FAKE!

3. The lable at the bottom of the bottle.

There are TWO layers of lable at the bottom of the bottle. The first and second layer look like the pic below

As you can see, 1st layer contains product name, product code, a line of black printing, barcode, and "PEEL HERE" at the bottom.
The 2nd layer has product name and code in the centre and other info all around it. No barcode on 2nd layer.
If the bottle has only either one layer, FAKE. Double layer but not exact set out like shown above, FAKE.

4. Steel balls x 2

If you put the bottle on it's side and let it rest for a minute, you can see there are two little steel balls in the bottle. One or none, FAKE.
note: see the space at the bottom of the bottle is smooth and even? Some fakes can be spotted from miles away using this test alone.

5. Engraved numbers

Most real OPI have engraved numbers on the bottle. The digits of the numbers differ from bottle to bottle. They are a little blurry and hard to read. Some bottles from Japan or sold in a kit might not have the engraving at all. Only FAKE OPI will engrave them big and clear, they still fake.

6. The brush

Real OPI will have it's brand printed on ONE side of the brush. You will have to clean the brush a bit to be able to see it. Once again, pay attention to the font and size of it.

7. Inside the cap

The inner edge of the cap is NOT smooth. It's gear shaped.

8. The seal on the cap
I probably don't need a pic for this. The plastic seal with "Exclusively ProWide Brush" DOESN'T go on every color. In fact, only a handful of them actually have the seal. They are to indicate that this particular color is using Prowide Brush whereas others are using standard brush. If you see a seller showing off all his/her stock with the seal on every single color, they are FAKE.

A bottle of real OPI will pass all the tests above and gives you the true quality and fullness of the color you after. Ask seller questions and ask them to provide extra photos before you bid or buy. Grab yourself a real bargain, not a rip off!

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