Onda Vi40 Elite Edition Google Android Tablet PC Review

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Android Tablet ONDA Vi40 Elite Edition Overview

Android Tablet ONDA Vi40 Elite Edition is a well built tablet with affordable price tag and all essential features that you can ask for. It has all required features including USB, microSD card, and mini HDMI output. It is also fitted with dual camera - 1.3MP front and 5MP back!!
Its IPS screen is great for daily tasks with its high performing CPU/RAM and long lasting battery life.
It is one of the top performing tablet in its price range.
But one of the drawback is that there is no GPS and Bluetooth feature and the body is plastic that could have been better if it was aluminum alloy.

Design (built/dimensions/screen)

Onda Vi40 Elite Edition is a well built 10 inch tablet (9.7" to be exact).
The front has solid touch screen with plastic back. There is two huge speakers on the back of the tablet.
All essential keys (home, cancel, and menu buttons) are positioned on the front for easy access.
There is no visible screws or holes; and everything is tightly put together.
The body/back shell is made of plastic. It feel light and quite firm but it could been better if it was fitted with aluminum alloy that is common on tablets on this price range.
The tablet is surprisingly thin and light; even comparable to iPad 2.
It is quite similar to iPad dimensions and weight - 244 x 191 x 9.8mm and weights 600g.
The tablet is fitted with IPS Capacitive 5 points Multitouch Screen that is utilising same technology used for iPad 2.
Its IPS (In-Plane Switching technology) panel gives a great viewing angle with crisp picture quality.
The screen itself gives a big advantage over other tablets.

Feature (android os/ports/battery life)

Onda Vi40 Elite Edition is running latest Android 4.0 ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich).
The user interface is quite simple to use and it comes with a quick tutorial after factory reset.
But it still lacks proper manual or guidelines (it is a common problem for most of Android devices due to frequent updates) and even worse, the manual was in Chinese.
It will not matter too much for previou Android users or Chinese but can be a big drawback for other users.
There is dual cameras - 1.3 MP front and 5.0 MP back.
5.0 MP camera will be give a better shots than most of other affordable tablets.
It is handy for Skype or any other apps to switch between those two cameras.
It comes with general features such as:
WIFI 802.11 b/g/n and  3G USB support
4 way G-Sensor
Flash 11 and html  supported
micro SD card slot - supports up to 32 GB
miniHDMI output
USB port
OTG port
Speaker/Microphone/3.5mm audio jack
Only thing that lacks is GPS and Bluetooth feature.
It is powered by 6500mAH battery which lasts approximately 8 - 10 hours.
We were able to get even better result by dimming the screen brightness.

Performance (cpu/ram/hdd)

Onda Vi40 Elite Edition is a well speced device with high performing components.
CPU: Allwinner A10 1.5GHz
GPU: Mali 400
HDD: 16GB Nandflash built in
Quadrant Standard
Total: 1490
CPU: 1142
Mem: 2514
I/O: 2576
2D: 338
3D: 882
It boots up in 10-20 seconds from its cold shutdown.
In general, it feels very responsive to your touch after the boot up.
We have not expreienced any slowdowns on the performance yet but just depending on its single core CPU, some of high end 3D games might be laggy but overall did not come across any problems with day to day general tasks.


The price is $260 which is very competitive for its worth compare to other tablets.
It is a great tabket if you require a tablet with mini HDMI out for watching movies and also great camera (front 1.3MP and back 5MP).

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