Ovulation Test Sensitivity

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We have been getting a lot of questions lately about what the best sensitivity for ovulation tests are? 

Answer - the "average" woman will have a LH (the hormone that triggers ovulation) level between 5-20mIU/ml in her system all month. 

When the surge occurs the basal level rises to approximately 50-200mIU/ml and at this level ovulation occurs and the egg is released form the ovary.  This means that for most women the 30-35Miul ovulation sensitivity tests will be ideal. 

So what does this mean?  If ovulation tests are too sensitive then they will give the woman a positive result all month long - pretty useless. 

It is highly important when trying to conceive that you are able to pinpoint your surge, getting positive results all month long is not only a fruitless experience it is also a waste of money and precious time and hope. 

So what are Oracle's Ovulation tests?    35mIU 

So be careful of unreputable sellers either
a) lying about the sensitivity of their ovulation tests (thinking the lower the number the better like with pregnancy tests)
b) not understanding ovulation and requesting their test strength be changed by their manufacturers 

Take care when buying online and always read their descriptions carefully to ensure you are only getting the best!
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