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Home Decor Wall Hanging Tapestry Throw Runner

Patchwork wall hangings are a classic addition to any home. Colorful and bright patches stitched into one will accentuate the look of your dull interior in no time. However, these wall tapestries are made from cloth and woven in delicate embroidery and, therefore, demand conscious and regular care. Timeless work of art; these patchwork tapestries will keep adding grace to your living space for years to come if you can adopt certain basic measures. Let’s go through some dos and don’ts of handling a wall art that will help in keeping your newly bought possession as beautiful as always.
• Do read the handling and washing instructions carefully. Many of us avoid considering them until the precious piece of art has been destroyed beyond repair due to our own carelessness.
• While hanging a wall art, always use picture-hanging hooks instead of nails and screws. Picture hooks can bear a large amount of weight while nails and screws can even cause damage to your patchwork tapestry.
• Do take care of the balance. If you are hanging several tapestries on the wall, mix all the pieces around until they are symmetrical and balanced. Try not to hang all the large pieces on one side and small ones on the other. Also take care about the colorful combinations. Decorate them in such combinations that they look soothing and beautiful to eyes.
• It is very essential to keep these expensive tapestries dust free. Dust ruins the beauty and shine of these decorative accessories. Dry cleaning once in two months is always a preferable option. Another option is vacuuming them twice a year. If you reside in a dusty area, then vacuum these wall hangings at least once in two weeks. 
• As far as storage is concerned, go for some box or container with proper ventilation. But also ensure that no amount of dust or dirt gets in.
• Don’t put these patchwork tapestries in bright and direct sunlight. Sunlight will cause them to fade and also deteriorate the quality of the fabric used. Choose that spot in your room which is bright and airy but has minimum exposure to sunlight.
• Avoid hanging your wall hangings too high or too low. Whether it is a single or a group of tapestries, always ensure that the centre point of these wall hangings meets your eye level.
• Do not put a large wall hanging on the wall of a small room and vice versa. Always select a wall hangings that goes with the size, color and theme of your room.
• Don’t hang the wall hangings too close to each other or too far from each other. Either way will spoil their overall impact.
• Just because they can be used to hold stuff doesn’t mean you can overwhelm your wall with tapestries. Keep it simple, minimal and classic. Too much of a good thing isn’t a good thing at all

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