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Hi all,
Have you got an eBay store and wondering what now? How do I promote and market my store? Here I'll answer these and give my guide to Promoting your store; increasing your traffic to your store and your listings and best of all it's FREE marketing. If you are interested please read on, I hope you find my guide as useful as I did :)

Before I begin one very important piece of advice; having great items at competitive prices is essential to bringing in interested viewers to your eBay shop. Also maintaining a high level of professionalism and good communication between you and your customers is key. Make sure you have a fair refund policy and terms and conditions.  

Firstly; Ok you have just subscribed for an eBay store (if you don't have a store and want one, under the Account tab click on Subscriptions) and you want some more traffic to your store. Ebay has lots of free tools and programs for promoting/marketing your store, why not start there! Under the Account tab you will find a new friend  Manage my Store. I suggest to design your store first so it is user-friendly and is attractive; creating a logo suitable for your store (under Display Settings) will give your customers a visual connection between them and your store. Make it appealing and keep it simple. Still in Manage my Store (see you did make a new friend) create categories for your store; this will make your store much easier for customers to navigate through your store, remember to not make too many categories and be concise. Another one to use is HTML Builder to create some customised links such as: Visit my Store, Receive my Newsletters, etc. to place in your listings to drive traffic to your store. Using the navigation bar on the left scroll down to Item Promotion, here click on Cross - Promotion; this is great because it allows you to create rules which promote your items when customers buy or view an item of yours. Ensure you made the store categories first as you will use the categories you created for cross-promotion. Similar to the cross-promotion the 'Promote Similar Items' allows other sellers to promote your items (that are similar) and vice-versa. Now moving on to  Marketing Tools  (Staying in Manage my Store) here you can create email newsletters for customers who subscribe your store's mailing list, this is a great way to promote your items to people who are already interested in your store. I also suggest to activate your RSS feed if it isn't already; the RSS (Real Simple Syndication) is an automatic tool that shows customers your latest updates to your store's listing etc.
I have mentioned the more important features of Manage my Store page, but there still is more features you should discover such as; Markdown Manager, Favourite Seller Top-Picks and more.            
Before moving on to the next section of my guide another feature from eBay needs a mention; still with the help of your friend Manage my Store you will find Reports which you can subscribe to Traffic Reports (and Sales Reports while your there, Sales Reports Plus is FREE for sellers with a store) both of which are free. The Traffic Report is used as a tool to check traffic to your storefront (your store homepage) and your listings etc. So you can see your store's view and visit (visit is a person clicking and viewing your pages consecutively for an extended period of time) count over time to check if your promoting/marketing is working. Keep in mind that it does count your IP address as 'traffic'.

Secondly; Now that you have your store customised and user-friendly you can bring even more customers to your proverbial doorstep. An excellent way is to market yourself using the Internet. Facebook, Twitter, Blog websites, etc are great and free ways to promote your business. Create a personal introduction to your eBay business and update your page/s periodically to keep people interested. Some websites such as Squidoo allow your page to be updated automatically using RSS feeds, ensuring your page is showcasing your latest auctions, listing, etc. Also participating in forums builds up your store traffic; just include a link to your eBay store via copying your stores URL address (simply copy the address at the address bar when your in your store page) to your signature. Remember that posting in forums doesn't have to be eBay related, anything your interested in or specialise in is fine. Ebay also has a community page where you can participate and voice your opinion or give some advice (or ask for some).
NOTE: make sure you read the terms and policies of the website you may be thinking of promoting your store to see if they allow promotion of your eBay Shop.

Lastly; (Nearly there, bare with me) is the physical marketing; that is marketing your store outside. You can send people Promotional Flyers (Account tab, then Marketing Tools) when they buy your item which they will receive in there package with your item. Why not advertise in your local corner store and shopping centre, give out flyers and pamphlets to markets and so on. You can even invest in some business cards (NOT FREE); there are websites out there that allow you to design your own business cards at a very reasonable price: I recommend We Print It.

Well that's it! THANK YOU very much for reading, I really do hope this guide helps you as much as it helped me. Good luck and be persistent, it will pay off.

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Kind Regards, relens2424

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