Packing HDD, computer cards and PCBs for sending.

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Items  with exposed electronic components, such as hard disk drives, computer cards, and general printed circuit  boards, are subject to static damage. When wrapping these items, it is important to protect them from both physical and static damage.

Ideally the item should be placed in a specially made antistatic bag, and then wrapped in bubble wrap.

The next best thing would be to wrap the item in aluminium foil, for static protection, then apply bubble wrap, for physical protection.

A third possibility is to wrap the item in newspaper, then in bubble wrap.


When handling the items you should also be aware of possible static damage. Don’t touch the components and don’t touch the tracks on the printed circuit board. Handle a hard drive by holding the metal parts only. Handle computer cards by the metal brackets only. Consider buying and using an anti static strap.
You are probably saying ‘I have touched tracks and components without causing damage, I have never had a problem’, this may be so but you are taking an unnecessary risk. We have all been zapped by static electricity. It doesn’t occur every day but it does happen. A much smaller zap is needed to damage electronic components. They may be destroyed immediately, or they may be only slightly damaged. Like a frayed rope they may appear to function ok, but fail at a later stage. When the card fails, months after being installed, think back to the way you handled the card, when installing it.
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