Pal and NTSC Encoding on Console games

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There are many console games available on eBay. Xbox, PS2, Nintendo etc. They each have different regional encoding. Grab your games console, turn it upside down and check that little yellow sticker in the middle, it tells you what type of PlayStation you own... PAL or NTSC. While your at it, grab one of your games and look just below the Playstation logo either on the box or the disk and the label should be the same as that on your console.

NTSC and PAL are the two main Television formats that are used all over the world. If your game console is not the same format as your TV, or the game you buy is different from the console format, then in most cases your games will not work properly (or at all).

Thus, if you are buying an import console, be sure to always check the regional encoding!!! You might end up with a NTSC-J console, and you can only buy NTSC-J games from the below mentioned countries! If you have a modded console, you will be able to play all the encoded games, however your warranty for your console will be voided! Also, you will not be able to play online games. (IT IS ILLEGAL TO DO SO IN SOME COUNTRIES!)

Which countries are compatible with NTSC, PAL and NTSC-J Xbox games?






New Zealand

United Kingdom




Hong Kong


Example of a PAL version Playstation 2 game


Example of a PAL version XBOX game







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