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Australian Auction RESULTS Reference
Star Notes Pre Decimal

TEN SHILLINGS Armitage-McFarlane Star (1942)
G/52 02706* (R.13s)  2 sm edge nicks hardly detract, near F. The rarest star note of the series Oct07
G/52 02706* (R.13s)  2 sm edge nicks, VG. The rarest star note of the series May08 sold$7.5K
G/95 26964* (R.13s)  Flattened, nearly very fine and very rare. Nov 07
G/95 26964* (R.13s)  Flattened, nearly very fine and very rare. Apr08 unsold

TEN SHILLINGS Coombs-Watt Star (1949)
A/0 76484*   (R.14s)  Heavy folds and creases, with pinholes in creases, well soiled but complete. Good Apr08 $420.00
A/2 13174*   (R.14s)  aEF. Oct07 est$6000

A/2 33473*  (R.14s)  Has been flattened otherwise nearly fine and rare. Nov08
A/2 69782*   (R.14s)  All there, Good. July08
A/2 82348*   (R.14s)  Very Good  July08
G/98 11554* (R.14s)  All there, good. Apr08 $600.00

TEN SHILLINGS Coombs-Wilson Star (1952)
A/3 04517* (R.15s)  Pin hole, limp, very good. $700.00  Nov 07
A/3 38295* (R.15s)  Rust spots, nearly VG. $1200.00
A/7 52463* (R.15s)  Nearly fine $1700.00

A/7 63508* (R.15s)  Many folds and creases, original body, very good and rare. Nov08
A/7 69327* (R.15s)  Flat, nearly uncirculated. July08
A/7 96596* (R.15s)  F/gF Oct07
A/8 87195* (R.15s) Very Fine  $1850.00  Nov 07

TEN SHILLINGS, Coombs-Wilson C'wealth Star (1954)
AC/90 58791*  (R.16s) aFine $1400.00  (see below)
AC/90 58791* (R.16s)  Flattened, partly cleaned, otherwise nearly fine $800.00 Nov 07 
AC/92 56553* (R.16s)  Light paper, crease repair(?) right edge, flattened, Good fine est$3000.00 Nov 07 unsold
AC/92 56553* (R.16s)  " "  "   "  "  "     "  "  "   est $2400.00 Apr08 unsold
AC/92 56553* (R.16s)  Light paper, crease repair (?) at right edge, flattened, Good fine July08

TEN SHILLINGS, Coombs/Wilson Reserve Star (1961)
AB/50 60086* (R.17s) Some foxing mainly in the margins gF/aVF
AE/95 29041* (R.17s) Fine  July08

AE/97 13187* (R.17s)  Three vertical folds, otherwise nearly extremely fine. Nov08

AE/98 38016* (R.17s)  Crisp body, very fine but with rust moisture spots througout top margin.Nov08

AE/99 56001* (R.17s)  Flat, crisp, choice uncirculated Nov08
AG/50 02854* (R.17s) Limp otherwise nearly fine. July 08
AG/50 03023* (R.17s) Bottom left corner torn off, very good. Apr08 $300.00
AG/50 09530* (R.17s) Fine and Original  est$600.00 Feb08
AG/50 36168* (R.17s) 67/- written on front, Very Good. July08
AG/50 44535* (R.17s) Folded in quarters, grubby front and back, original body, good fine. Apr08 $800.00
AG/50 83439* (R.17s) aVF  May08 sold 850.00
AG/50 84385* (R.17s) Flattened of folds and creases, trimmed, nearly very fine est$2000
AG/50 84586* (R.17s) gVF
AG/50 86078* (R.17s) Right hand border cut close in during production, nearly uncirculated. July08
AG/50 88478* (R.17s) VG  Oct07
AG/51 05195* (R.17s) Limp, otherwise very good.  $280.00  Nov 07
AG/51 27047* (R.17s) Natural body, centrefold, crisp extremely fine. Apr08 $4000.00
AE/93 77005* (R.17s) natural gVF but with graffiti in green ink on front $900.00 Nov07
AE/96 06811* (R.17s) Natural body, centrefold, otherwise good very fine. $5000.00 July 07
AE/98 72343* (R.17s) Small edge nick, VG. Oct07
AE/     88641* (R.17s) Very good. $700.00 July 07
AE/99 03086* (R.17s) Two vertical folds, creases but good body, nearly fine. July 08
AE/99 17958* (R.17s) Holed through centrefold, good - very good. $380.00
AE/99 24386* (R.17s) Vertical fold on back, minor creases otherwise nearly Very Fine. July08
AE/99 35204* (R.17s) Light folds and creases from handling, top edge cut close in, nearly Unc  est $8000.00 Nov07
AE/99 35204* (R.17s) " " "   " " "  est$7000.00 Apr08 unsold
AE/99 38800* (R.17s) Crisp, flat uncirculated  July08
AE/99 53457* (R.17s) Fine $1150.00 Oct 07
AE/99 59169* (R.17s) crisp gVF $2300.00 

ONE POUND, Armitage/McFarlane (1942)

K/58 03537* (R.30bs) 2mm tear at top edge otherwise flattened fine Nov08
K/81 06863* (R.30bs) Flattened otherwise good extremely fine Apr08 unsold
K/81 06863* (R.30bs) Flattened otherwise good extremely fine July 08

ONE POUND, Coombs/Watt Star (1949)
I/2 87547* (R.31s)   Stained, thinned otherwise good. July 08

 I/3 51262* (R.31s)  Three pinholes and flattened Nov08
I/5 58849*  (R.31s)  Very good. $1400.00  Nov 07
I/7  77042*  (R.31s)  VG  $1050.00
I/8  68672*  (R.31s)  gVF  May08  $7.5K
I/8  79513*  (R.31s)  Soiled, creases and folds, fine $2500.00
1/9 27887*  (R.31s)   Minor tear in margin  est$1K  Mar08
W/1 34266* (R.31s)  Trimmed, otherwise good fine. $1100.00 July 07

ONE POUND, Coombs-Wilson Star  (1952)
W/2 13619* (R.32s) washed and flattened with two discreet margin repairs, an attractive VG $1300.00 Nov07
W/2 49813* (R.32s) Has been flattened, F, looks better. $3200.00 Oct 07
W/3 93423* (R.32s) Very good. Apr08 $1200.00
W/4 13051* (R.32s) Flattened and limp, otherwise nearly very fine  $2300.00 Nov 07
W/4 66059* (R.32s) Five pinholes, three with rust, good original body, good fine July08
W/4 71482* (R.32s) Left corner edge off, pin holes otherwise very good est $1250.00  Nov 07
W/5 05769* (R.32s) punch cancelled plus six large cancellation holes and blue rubber ink stamp "cancelled" diagonally twice on front,  est $ 5000.00 Jan 08
W/5 22283* (R.32s) Fair - space filler  July08
W/6 28091* (R.32s) flattened of centrefold and handling folds or creasees otherwise good extremely fine Apr08 $19K

ONE POUND, Coombs/Wilson Star (1953)
 HA/90 61779* (R.33s) Top edge tear repaired, otherwise nearly fine. est $500.00  Nov 07
 HA/92 24101* (R.33s) Heavily washed on back to remove stains -else VG  $300.00
 HA/93 49879* (R.33s) Tiny edge nick. aU. Oct07
 HA/93 76929* (R.33s) washed and flattened Fine  $1300.00 Nov 07
 HA/94 38600* (R.33s) A dirty note, three pinholes and rust stain at top, still some crispness, very good   $320.00
 HA/95 88600* (R.33s) Limp but complete, very good July 08
 HA/96 68943* (R.33s) aVF $1500.00 Nov 07
 HA/99 78059* (R.33s) Crisp good fine, some foxing lower left and creases. July 08
 HC/91 67250* (R.33s) VF  May08 Reserve $1800.00
 HC/92 98724* (R.33s) pressed, a little grubby but with reasonable colour aVF $1300.00
 HC/98 28594* (R.33s) gEF-aU. Oct07
 HC/98 28594* (R.33s) gEF-aU  May08 sold $5K
 HC/99 48168* (R.33s) Good body but with folds and creases and dirty, otherwise fine or better. $1100.00 July 07
 HE/89 10013* (R.33s) Otherwise very good $320.00

ONE POUND, Coombs/Wilson Star (1961)
HE/80 51905* (R.34bs) crisp aVF $1300.00 Nov 07
HE/81 11395* (R.34as) Dark green. EF  May08  $4K
HE/81 20819* (R.34as) Very good  Apr08 $380.00
HE/81 97737* (R.34bs) Heavy folds, creases and tears, discoloured paper.Fair  Apr08 unsold
HE/82 00665* (R.34bs) gVF with low number  $2400.00 Nov 07
HE/82 03634* (R.34as) Nearly very fine  $1200.00  Nov 07
HE/82 83896* (R.34as) Dark green. gF  May08  $1050.00
HE/83 18180* (R.34as) Flattened virtually uncirculated July 08
HE/86 44146* (R.34bs) Fine  July 08
HE/86 74548* (R.34bs) Heavy sloping vertical fold on back otherwise good body very fine. July 08
HE/87 25326* (R.34bs) gF   $1050.00
HE/87 62697* (R.34bs) Small stain, folds and creases, otherwise fine. $600.00 Nov 07
HE/87 79099* (R.34bs) Multiple folds and creases, minor edge tear otherwise good fine. July 08
HE/87 79611* (R.34bs) Flattened, otherwise very good. $700.00  Nov 07
HE/87 86891* (R.34bs) Vertical folds and minor creasing  July 08
HE/87 91078* (R.34bs) Horizontal and vertical folds otherwise good very fine  July 08
HE/88 01636* (R.34bs) Good very fine. July 08
HE/88 08526* (R.34as) Very good.  $1000.00
HE/88 23231* (R.34bs) Crisp original with slightest diagonal creasing  July 08
HE/88 38224* (R.34bs) 4mm tear top edge, flattened and cleaned - good very fine  $1000.00
HE/88 76574* (R.34bs) Emerald green. EF May08 $3K
HE/90 27013* (R.34bs) Very fine. $2250.00 July 07
HE/90 32967* (R.34bs) Emerald green. Attractive aU. May08  $13.5K
HE/95 74720* (R.34as) a nice fresh note, nearly VF  $1500.00
HE/99 81811* (R.34as) Dark green. VF+  May08 $1500.00
HE/99 90750* (R.34bs) Flattened of folds, otherwise nearly extremely fine. SOLD Price undisclosed.

FIVE POUNDS, Coombs-Wilson Reserve Star (1960)
TC/10 20829* (R.50s) Flattened, somewhat limp otherwise very fine or better  est $7000  Nov 07
TC/10 79516* (R.50s) Short bottom point of star. Lower margin slightly trimmed, VF  May08
TC/10 39501* (R.50s) Nice natural note, gVF  $4800.00
TC/11 25559* (R.50s) Flattened, crease repair (?) on left edge, otherwise extremely fine and rare $8000.00 July 07
TC/11 30059* (R.50s) Folds and creases, otherwise good body, fine  July 08
TC/12 10467* (R.50s) Has been flattened and cleaned otherwise very fine. Apr08 unsold est $8K
TC/12 56000* (R.50s) Top margin is narrow so possibly trimmed. VF. Interesting serial number.  $2400.00
TC/12 94073* (R.50s) Nick in centre of right edge, flattened otherwise fine.  July 08
TC/13 01845* (R.50s) Crisp original body, light vertical and corner folds  July 08
TC/13 03031* (R.50s) Small repair in top margin aEF  May08  Res$5K
TC/13 26048* (R.50s) Flattened, otherwise nearly extremely fine and rare. est $10K
TC/13 26048* (R.50s) Flattened, otherwise nearly extremely fine  est $8K July 08
TC/13 31811* (R.50s) VF or better  July08

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