Pregio Slow Juicer Review

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Pregio Slow Juicer Review

Do you want to know what the Pregio Slow Juicer is really like?
Well in this guide your going to get a detailed walk through of this great new product. The good side, and the bad.

So lets get stuck straight into it...

What does the Pregio Slow Juicer come with?

As standard equipment, this cold press juicer comes with:
  • 2 Juicing Screens- 1 fine and one course.
  • A powerful 150 Watt AC (Beware- there are cheaper inferior products using the less durable DC motors...)
  • 2 Juice Jugs
  • A Cleaning Brush
  • 1 Screen Scraper
  • A Juice compartment
  • A lid and tamp
  • A Produce Press- also used for Tofu
This is all pretty standard equipment when it come to the $2-300 dollar vertical juicer market. Many sellers of the Pregio products do offer fantastic bonuses which help you get the most from your product.


What Is Special about the Pregio Slow Juicer?

In such a tightly contested market place, there isn't alot of room for manufactor's to vary such a successful design too much. With this said, I have found that the Pregio Cold Press Juicer does have a few great features that aren't found elsewhere.
  1. All components are BPA Free
  2. They come with really comprehensive training videos
  3. The quality of build is exceptional
  4. It doesn't leak!
  5. The Pregio Juicer has a 10 year warranty (And depending on the promotion, sometimes lifetime!)

The Negatives about the Pregio Slow Juicer.

There really aren't too many negatives about this juicer. Which is quite rare.
It does however have a few of the common issues that all juicers of this variety (Such as Hurom, Kuvings, etc) have including...
  • Discolouration over time due to the strong dye that is extracted from the fruit and vegetables
  • The fruit and vegetables need to be cut into 2cm X 2cm cubes to stop it from jamming

Overall Review of the Pregio Slow Juicer

Overall this is a great value for money product. The RRP of $379 is spot on the money when it comes to a reliable, top quality juicer. So my rating, 8.5/10.

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