Programming a pendulum, not as difficult as it seems!

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Have you always wondered how to use a pendulum? Here we cover the basic principals.....


Congratulations on acquiring your very own genuine crystal pendulum

You have intuitively chosen (or been chosen) a crystal that seems to fit your own vibrations. The pendulum swings through the use of the parasympathetic nervous system of the subconscious mind.

Now you are ready to program your pendulum.

Hold the chain at a comfortable height, about three - four inches from the crystal, resting the elbow on the table. Then deliberately swing the crystal in a back and forth motion. Stop it with your other hand and swing it from side to side. Again stop it and swing it in a clockwise direction. Stop it and swing in counterclockwise direction. The order here is not important, just that there are four distinct and different directions introduced for recording in the subconscious mind.

You are now able to question it. By asking, ‘please give me a yes answer'. Wait and expect it to move in one of the four directions. When the movement has occurred you may ask each of these questions in turn: Direction for: ‘no', ‘I don't know?', ‘I don't want to say?'. Always wait for a strong answer, then stop your crystal with a command or your hand before asking the next question. If you forget what a swing means simply ask again. They will always remain the same for each. Whether you ask out loud or mentally makes no difference.

Use this information simply as a guide to assist you to discover many other methods of using your pendulum. Play with it and experiment for yourself.

For further information on programming a pendulum and divining read Awaken Your Energies with Crystals and Gems by Lesley Mitchell (nee Antonoff). This information is an extract from this book. © Copyright 1988.

Use your pendulum to:

* Answer questions

* Determine whether food is beneficial for you to eat

* Ask about sensitivities

* Discover areas of improvement necessary for your personal development

* Play with in any manner you like



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