Protecting Computer Data

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Protecting Computer Data

Many of us now purchase much of our computer hardware and software using EBay.

I have purchased a broad range of products, ranging from hard drives to complete servers and have relied on the EBay Feedback system to deliver a constant reliable outcome.
Many people however overlook protecting their investment by failing to deploy countermeasures such as virus protection and firewalls, and more importantly they do not understand the need to backup their data and send it off-site.

How to Protect Your Data

Data protection is a broad subject, but here are some tips on ensuring you retain access to your data:

  • Buy quality hardware designed to last such as SCSI disk.
  • Deploy redundant systems such as RAID disk and Un-interruptible Power Supplies (UPS).
  • Deploy virus protection and firewalls.
  • Keep your operating systems patched and up to date.
  • Backup your data to removable media and take the media offline.
  • Send your data off-site, preferably to a company who specialize in off-site data protection.

Using EBay to Purchase Data Protection.

EBay features computer backup equipment, both new and second-hand. As a rule of thumb you get what you pay for, the other side of this is that something is better than nothing.
My advice is that you should spend as much as you can afford.

We all like to spend our budget on cool upgrades such as faster systems and add-ons, but backup is not the place to skimp.
Your Backup Options

  • Purchase an inexpensive older style backup device such as an 8MM Tape drive. These usually range in price from $20-$50. I should warn you though that this technology is usually more trouble than it is worth as it is less reliable, has lower capacity and drivers are regularly very hard if not impossible to come by.
  • Purchase a more recent backup device such as a DLT I or DLT II Tape Drive. These usually range in price from $200-$500 and are still quite reliable.
  • Purchase a modern backup device such an LTO or AIT Tape Drive. These usually range from $800 to $2000, and from my experience are worth every penny.
  • Purchase a disk based backup device such as a ZIP drive, NAS or SAN Device. These devices range in price from $200 to $2000 and are a good option for retaining an online backup that remains on-site. You will however still need a tape based backup system to send data off-site.

Protecting Your Data Off-site.

It is critical that once you backup your data, you then take your data offline and send it off-site.

Many people chose to take their data home or store it in a safe onsite, but it is strongly recommended that you use a commercial off-site data protection company who will come to your business at agreed intervals, pickup your backups and store them securely in a customer built storage facility.

Many companies offer such a service which has the following benefits:

  • Reliable offsite intervals.
  • Fast and reliable access to your backups when you need them.
  • Documented processes and procedures.
  • Environmentally controlled, secure storage facilities.
  • Access to advice on matters relating to data protection.
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