Protein Powder Recipes

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Great Non-Shake Ways To Serve Protein Powder

Looking to boost your protein intake? If so, then you’ll definitely want to look into using a protein shake. Protein shakes can easily provide you with 20-30 grams of protein, so are fast easy and convenient. But, at times, shakes can get tiring.
If you can’t quite stomach the thought of pounding back yet another protein shake, you’ll want to come up with other ideas to get your protein powder in.
Here are some quick and simple ways to use protein powder that don’t require a blender.

Make Protein Balls
The first thing that you can do is make protein balls. To do this, simply combine some protein powder, dry oats, peanut butter, and a bit of honey to make everything stick. When you need a fast source of energy, these will do the trick.

Create Protein Pancakes
Protein pancakes are another great way to boost your protein intake. Combine protein powder with some egg whites and oats and then cook them like you would a standard pancake. These will be a much better option than flour filled varieties.

Start Your Day With Protein Infused Coffee
Finally, consider starting your day off with protein infused coffee. This is very easy to do and a much healthier alternative. Simply mix up half a scoop of vanilla protein with half a cup of water and then combine that with half a cup of prepared coffee. It’ll act as a protein creamer and will reduce the sugar and cream that you have to add.

So don’t let yourself be bored with protein shakes any more. Mix things up and get your protein intake in using these smart suggestions.
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