Proven ways 2save your time finding that item you want

Like if this Guide is helpful

Do you have trouble seeking that item you've been trying to find but can't

Do you have problems finding it and you're told that there's no match?

Then look no further there's a solution to your problem and here's how to find the item, saving you a lot of time. Follow these steps below

Example shopping list

  • books
  • bags
  • Cd's

1. Type in the key word/s (eg, CD's)

2. Search in the entertainment section and click on the tab MUSIC

3. Enter the music site then click on the tab CD's

4.Include all details of the item (for eg. You want to buy a cd of john farnham)

Enter John or Farnham then the place you would like to purchase it from followed by the payment you'd prefer then the price you will offer.

5.If there's a match or any findings for that item you are looking for then you will have a list and the titles  to choose from including the price and  it's location.

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