Quick Guide on how to increase your feedback easily

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Well it has been a while since I have written a guide. could say I have had some time to think and hopefully help out a few Newbies along the way.

How can other members of Ebay know that you are a reliable person to deal with?

Not many sellers want to deal with a person with a low feedback rating.

I say we all had to start off somewhere. so how can you increase your feedback? without spending a fortune on Ebay in the process 


Buy low value items from lots of different sellers, Leave them feedback and they will leave you feedback. In many cases like me as a seller as soon as buyer paid I would leave them feedback. Then as soon as you have gained enough points, then start selling.

I don't like to purchase from anyone with a low rating. especially when it hovers around the Under 20 mark. and although I hate to say it especially if they are from Asian countries. Now I am not saying everyone in Asia are dodgey sellers but we must be realistic here. there are dodgey sellers just most I have seen come out of Asia.

Anyway tried and true method is to purchase low value items  from lots of different sellers and your rating will go up.



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