Remaindered Books - What are they?

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Remaindered books come in two categories.

Firstly they can be books returned to the publisher from a retailer such as QBD or Angus & Robertson because they have been on the shelves for a certain amount of time and remained unsold.   These type generally have some light shelf wear and maybe the odd crease to the cover but otherwise are in excellent condition.

The second type of remaindered book is one whose publisher has allowed it to go out of print,  or because they are not selling quickly enough to pay for the inventory costs of keeping them in stock, or because the publisher is going out of business and is liquidating their remaining unsold copies by selling them at reduced prices.  These type are usually in excellent brand new condition as they come straight out of the box.

A remaindered book can often by identified by marks, typically a bold black line or stamp mark across the top or bottom of the book's pages, visible when looking at the book from the top or bottom.

All of the books with large discounts you see on the sale tables outside book retailers or in mall sales are remaindered.

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