Replacing a MAF Sensor AFM Air Flow Meter Install guide

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One type of MAF sensor Common on Nissan and Subaru
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One type of MAF sensor Common on Nissan and Subaru

Over time your MAF sensor may become inefficient and can have varying symptons from sluggish performance, stalling, rough idle, flat spots in power delivery, excessive smoke and  almost always excessive fuel consumption.

The good news is they are quite easy to replace and can be purchased quite economically here

The process to replace is quite straightforward but results are not always immediate as explained below.
Firstly it is always good practice to disconnect the negative terminal from the battery before commencing. Then you can disconnect the electrical plug from the sensor.
Now there are a couple of types, some are a simple insert type that can be pulled out when the retaining screws are removed with no need to disconnect hoses. If this is the case remove the old sensor and replace in the reverse process.

If the sensor is larger and a sealed unit you will need to disconnect any intake air hoses and any mounting screws or bolts before you remove the sensor. Keep all bolts and hose clamps safe and remove the old sensor, reinstall in reverse process.

When a new sensor is installed the ECU on the car needs to "learn" the new sensor before it performs perfect. This means that for the first 200km or so of driving the car can feel sluggish and can sometimes have symptons similar or more extreme than before. This is particularly the case when the old maf sensor was badly gone as the ECU on the car has been compensating for the compromised signals it was giving, when the new sensor is installed and sending accurate signals the ECU sill compensates and takes a little time to settle. This is nothing to be concerned about and if there is no Check Engine Light then all should be well.

This stage can be avoided by resetting the ECU, this varies by car and can be as simple as disconnecting the battery, fully discharging system by turning on ignition and pressing the brake for a few seconds, and waiting 30 mins before reconnecting or it can require specialist computer diagnsotic equipment however generally driving the car for an hour or 2 will do the trick.

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