Rules & fixing instructions on the game of Darts

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Fixing Instructions
The board itself should be set up with the bulls eye exactly 5 feet 8 inches from the floor. It is wise to place some type of board behind (and around) the dart board (like a dart cabinet or sheet of plywood), just to save your drywall or panelling in case of complete misses. The board itself is 18 inches in diameter and divided into 20 sections. The section marked 20 is always centered at the top. The toe line (also known as the oche - named for a brewers case "Hockey" - that was originally used to establish the distance between the board and the toe line) should be exactly 7 feet 9 1/4 inches from the face of the board.
All my dartboard range have these fixing instructions included.
Basically, dart games are played between two players or two teams. The teams can be made up of two or more people each. Variations that allow for more than two sides have been divised, but these have not achieved any popularity. Nine throws are generally allowed for each person as a warm-up before a game begins. Then, to determine which team or person is to take his turn first one dart is thrown by a person from each team. The team with the dart closest to the bull's eye takes the first turn.
Each player throws three darts in his turn. Then the darts are retrieved. If a foot crosses over the line or a person happens to trip over the oche and releases his dart, the throw counts for no points and may not be re-thrown.
Darts must stay on the board for at least 5 seconds after a player's final throw to count. A throw does not score if it sticks into another dart or if it falls off the board.
Darts making it on the board score in the following manner;
In the wedge: the amount posted on the outer ring.
The double ring (the outer, narrow ring): twice the number it hit.
The triple ring (the inner, narrow ring): three times the number hit.
Bulls eye (outer bull): twenty five points.
Double Bulls eye (inner bull): fifty points.

This is the basic method for play and scoring. A wide variety of games and variations are based upon it.

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