SAAB remote key fob worn buttons replacements

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Do you have Worn key buttons in your SAAB 900 OR 9000 remote keyless?

Our Repair Silicone Buttons are the cheapest option to revamp your worn remote.

Our Buttons will suit SAAB NG900 S SE (1994-1998) and SAAB Aero CDE CSE CS (1985- 1998).

Having older car means that your remote may need some revamping due to weather elements and age. In most cases your buttons will be half gone or breaking at least.  Replacing buttons will not fix remote that does not work. You must have working remote before you buy our buttons.

We Design and Manufacture our repair Pads in Australia.

Our Silicone pads are made from Medical grade Silicone. The only Silicone that does not degrade over time. You can trust Australian Quality product.

Replacing buttons is very simple and requires removing an old rubber buttons from outside of remote and fitting new ones in. More detailed instructions you will find in our ebay store included with buttons listing.

If Your remote stopped working  it will be good idea to replace batteries first before you buy our repair buttons.When replacing batteries you would have to re synchronize the remote with the receiver.

       To replace batteries you need to prise the remote apart at the key ring loop to remove the separate battery cover.Next you pop out old batteries and   install replacements ensuring that both are fitted with the + side facing upwards. When batteries are out it is a good idea to check contacts for corrosion and clean if necessary with contact cleaner. To re programm after installing you need to check owners manual.

       If after replacing battaries your remote still does not work, than the problem can be related to electronic board or switches. In this case you may have to buy new remote at the cost of a few hundred dollars unless you find used one on ebay.

You do not have to re program your existing remote just follow replacement instructions and SAVE.  All replacement instructions are included in our polmex-buttons store .

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If you are looking for different kind of repair buttons please visit our ebay polmex_buttons store.
If you can not find what your are looking for please email us using ebay messaging system and we will try to find the best solution to your problem.

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