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Hello All,

Samsung is a most common brand being purchased by millions aroung the world for 3D and Smart tvs. The company however propvides one number of 3D glasses in the box to view the 3D content on the tv where it is not enough for a family. You always want to buy more but prefer to buy it from ebay as it is cheaper then retail store.

Now when you are very new to some of the technology, it is confusing and disappointing to choose and buy the right glasses for your tv. I am writting this for all those who want to buy and choose the right and affordable glasses for their tv.

With SAMSUNG tv, there are 2 version of the tv.

2010 3D TV

2011 3D Smart TV.

Both the TV uses different communication channel 3D glasses.

2010 3D glasses works on Infrared

2011 3D glasses works on Bluetooth


So it is clear that 2010 3D glasses will not work with 2011 3D tv and so is 2011 3D glasses will not work with 2010 TV as the communication channel is different.

One more easy way to identiy the versionof TV is to look at the model number of your 3D TV. 

"C" ---- if your tv model number have "C" alphabet e.g: UA55C8000  then it is a 2010 3D tv

"D" --- if your tv model number have "D" alphabet e.g: PSD658000 then it is a 2011 3D smart TV.

It is always advisable that you make sure and prepare your information before you buy any glasses from any seller. It is in your best interest to avoid disappointment and hassle with sellers as wrong glasses will not work with your tv and you will end up loosing your money in full or in restocking charges and posting charges.

There is also a simple way to look for the right glasses yourself from the one you have(the one which comes with the tv).

If you have received any of the glasses below with your tv, you need to buy the same category glasses as explained below.

If glasses you have received with your tv are of any following model,

SSG-2100AB    (battery operated)

SSG-2200KR   (kids rechargeable)

SSG-2200AR   (adult rechargeable)

then you have to buy  this 3 glasses only as mentioned.


If glasses you have received with your tv are of any following model.

SSG-3100GB    (battery operated)

SSG-3300CR     (kids rechargeable, rx ready, wireless charge ready)

SSG-3300GR     (adult rechargeable, rx ready, wireless charge ready)

SSG-3700CR     (adult rechargeable, rx ready, wireless charge ready)

then you have to buy this 4 glasses only as mentioned.

Never try to buy the different glasses then it comes with your tv. As it will not work with your tv.

2010 3D glasses are conventioanl design and 2011 3D glasses are very nice design with RX lens ready(can be worn on your prescription glasses). and are full HD resolution (1920*1024).

I trust this will help all the potential buyers to decide and choose the right glasses for their tv.

Also when you purchase the glasses from ebay, make sure you purchasing from the right seller. That is the seller is local, a power seller, having a track record of very good feedback about the glasses and provides warranty.

You may find KOREAN, CHINESE and HONG KONG sellers selling the 3D glasses at half price then Australian RRP in retial store. Even Australian ebay sellers are struggling to compete with them on price. All I request everyone is to look at all the aspect before buying from overseas.

R u covered for the warranty?

What if your item is dead on arrival?

The return shipping is minimum $25.00 to Asian countires( if you sending the faulty items back, this is 50% of your purchase price).

What is your goes dead after 60 days and paypal or ebay will not entertain any claim?

This little thing matter when you spend aroung $60 to $400 for the glasses from oversea.

By law in Australia, local seller has to follow the legislation and is bound by the terms. Where as in an international trade it is no binding thing.

More over, the AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR is at it's best high price at the moment and it is our responsibility to look for it. If you buy local our money will be in Australia and will make Australia stronger.

As an Australian SUPPORT AUSTRALIAN SELLER and HELP KEEP AUSTRALIA STORNGER. Doesn't matter you pay $5 or $10 more for the same item then the international sellers. Our currency stays in our hands. 



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