Should I use 'require immediate payment' option? My experience.

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Our account amxsuperstores sells a lot of stuff.  We sell between 20-70 items per day.  At any given moment over the past 6 months of me running this eBay store, we've had between 30 and 40 items sitting in the 'awaiting payment' category.  Daily I had been opening and closing at least 2 or 3 Unpaid Item cases (I turned off automatic open unpaid cases as sometimes it would do it while waiting for a direct deposit to show up, upsetting the customer).

Direct deposits have been a right-royal pain as the majority of buyers still don't put their eBay username as the reference even though it was requested at the time of sending them the bank details.

We've had so many items people clicked Buy It Now on that they never ended up paying.  This means that item is down from eBay during the time while we are waiting for payment and waiting for an Unpaid case to close, meaning no other people can purchase that item in the interim.  We've then had to manually relist the unpaid items after this time.

I was fed up with this, so 4 weeks ago I decided to change all our 3000 listings to 'require payment immediately when purchasing through Buy It Now'.

In the past 4 weeks, I have not had to deal with even ONE new Unpaid Item case, merely closing off the old ones.  I haven't had to chase up any payments with our accounts person that may have come through direct deposit.

The most important thing is that every single one of our products stays LISTED AND PURCHASABLE right up until the second that a customer actually pays for the item through Paypal.

Now, we have zero items sitting in 'awaiting payment'.  We have zero Unpaid Item cases.

I've only had two people message me asking to pay with direct deposit instead of Paypal during that time, and upon looking at their feedbacks they both were serial slow payers.

In my experience (and yes, your results may vary) 'operation Immediate Payment' = complete success.
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