Solid Conversion Flywheels Explained

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Solid Conversion Flywheels - Clutch Kits

If your vehicle came out standard with a dual mass flywheel, you may have the option to convert it to a conventional style single mass flywheel:

What a dual mass flywheel is:
A Dual mass flywheel or DMF is a rotating mechanical device that is used to provide continuous energy (rotational energy) in systems where the energy source is not continuous, the same way as a conventional flywheel acts, but damping any violent variation of torque or revolutions that could cause an unwanted vibration. The vibration reduction is achieved by accumulating stored energy in the two flywheel half masses over a period of time but damped by a series of strong springs, doing that at a rate that is compatible with the energy source, and then releasing that energy at a much higher rate over a relatively short time

The Benefits of converting to single mass:
-More cost effective
-Can machine flywheel from thereon in
 -Are stronger (Heavy Duty)

The Cons of converting to single mass:
-Can produce a chatter noise
-Operation not as smooth

We recommend if you decide to convert you dual mass flywheel to a solid mass flywheel that you use a quality brand such as Exedy, Blusteele & Valeo etc
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