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A Quick Guide on 'How To Burn -  Between 7 Hours & up to 47 Hours' of Music / Songs on one CD - Changing Cd Audio to Data CD or DVD using your computers 'Windows Media Player'

Good only for saving heaps of music on one CD to give to someone with another computer as other computer will convert files back automatically and list in 'Windows Media Player' then of course they can do anything a normal ripped Cd can do like listening to songs, burning in Cd format, download to Ipod etc...

As in Data Format - Will not play in your usual Cd/MP3 player.

Works with Mp3 or Wave Files - The difference between Mp3 and Wave files are Wave files (WAV) files are more lumpy and is Mp3 are compressed and leaves out music you don't here anyway, same as the old argument between Lp records and Cd's. You should save your music in Mp3 format to save disc space on your computer.   To do this go to your Windows Media Player and select the RIP tab up the top, and press the down menu v to open 'Options' which is second from the bottom - Where it says 'Rip Settings' click the drop down menu and select mp3. You can also select the slide to save the ripped Cd music from smallest size (57MB - 128kbs) to best quality - (144MB - 320kbps)..   I use the middle as have over 8000 songs, if you only have a few best quality is best....

You can either share your music with friends or for your own use......
The first thing to do is 'Open' Your 'Windows Music Player' which most of us use to play our music from our computers.
Click on the top for the 'Library'

Select from the 'Right Pane' either - 'Artists' - 'Album' -  'Songs' - ' Genre'  - 'Year'  or Rating (if you've rated your songs from 1 to 5 stars) and say want the 5 stars played or burnt on one cd.

As I have over 8000 songs and like a mixture I select songs myself, but you may prefer a Cd with all one Artist or Genre whatever floats your boat...
I will use the 'Songs' as stated I like a mixture -
On the right side you may see a 'Vacant Pane' which says 'Drag Items here to create Playlist' or edit now playing'
From your 'Main' list of 'Songs' just select songs by holding the left side of you computers mouse and drag (drop and drag) what songs you'd like to select into the left pane.

From the 'Tab' in the left 'Pane' after you have submitted as many songs as you like, I mean heaps!
At the top of this left Pane which says 'Untitled Playlist' you'll notice a little 'down icon' you can press this to 'View' options like - Clear List / Skipped Items / Shuffle List Now  & Sort > By Title, Album Artist, by Album, By release date/ by file name / Rename Playlist and Save Playlist.

Obviously these little drop down menu is as what it says, so if you have selected your songs and say want them by the artists it will put all the songs in the playlist from A to Z, ofcourse shuffle means shuffle all the songs around etc etc, you can play around with these if you wish..

Next After you have selected all your songs you like Down the bottom of the 'Left Pane' you will see 'SAVE Playlist' select or press that and a once you have, you'll notice where it did say 'Untitled Playlist' it is now highlighted, so type in what you wish to remember the playlist like 'My Favourite Songs' or 'Songs to Rip' - whatever.    After you type 'whatever ? ' in 'select' - 'Save Playlist' down the bottom of the of the left Pane,  You should now notice the selection you typed in appear up the left side of the Windows Media 'LIBRARY' 

A Note: As I have that much music I can put up to 50 hours worth in there in one playlist, so be bold and put in as many songs as you like.....

In your Windows Media Player now press and select the 'Burn' Tab up the top then -  'Press by holding the left side of your mouse' on the Playlist you 'Saved' and drag that into the left Pane'

You should now see the list of your songs playlist you saved  - and in 'Blue text' between the songs the amount of songs it will take for each and how many CD's it will take, you will notice it says 'Current Disc' then Next Disc and further down the list Next Disc etc etc....

If you now put in a 'Blank Cd' to burn you will notice on top of the 'Left Pane' the 'Insert a Blank Cd' - Blue Line will go right across, Don't Burn Yet! as it will want heaps more Cd's... instead: IMPORTANT: change Audio Cd to Data CD or DVD.

But you only want them on one Cd - so up the top under the 'Burn' Tab - you will notice a drop down icon v - press that and second from the bottom 'Select' - 'More Options' .. And a new window will open up, and should be on 'Burn'

In this window select - 'Burn Speed' - Fastest.  

Tick the 'box' To apply volume levelling across tracks on the CD (or the volume when you burn the disc will be as they recorded it)  You want the volume level to be the same.

Tick - Use media information to arrange files in folders on the disc - So if you give this Cd to a friend and they put the Cd in there computer all music will be put into folders and files for them making it easy to play on Windows Media Player.

You will notice at the bottom of this 'window' change the 'Dot' from - 'Do not Convert (recommended) To: Convert To - and then you can use the slider to convert the files from (32 Kbps about 47 hours to 192 Kpbs around 7 Hours.... Now to get the best possible out of your 'Cd you want to burn'  it will take some of repeating the above process with the slider, which depends on how many songs you have to burn to match the amount of time. 

Eg: No use putting it on 47 hours if you have 10 hours worth of songs, so when you adjust the slider and close the 'Window' the 'Blue Line' under 'Insert a Blank Cd' will adjust to what you set the Slider to....

I have taken the time to inform you of this information so  please be so kind to Vote if this guide was of any interest to you..... 
Or you can contact me as eBay do not allow outside links to other websites
Gary Palmer - (Possum)
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Regards - Possum

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