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Guide to buying a digital camera ebay users, don't be fooled by cameras that are multiple functional, having it as a webcam will result in a usually inferior product, I sell cameras for a living.. waht to look for - >5mp - ensure quality and new models - Uses 'AA' Batteries (face it we all hate batteries dying, esp ones that need charging!! besides 'AA' are cheaper than Li-ion - Standard USB port and AV out ports, cables can be tough to replace - SD/MMC cards are the cheapest, can't hurt to get a cam that use these - when buying a 5mp cam get at least 256mb card, don't go lower - Optical zoom is superior to digital, but a hybrid is the best idea - When buying 'AA' batteries, get NIMH rechargables, NOT ALKALINE!!! NOT NICD!!! - If you can get an extended warranty, get it! they will end up replacing it after 3 years if you do... trust me you can't lose - Brand name cameras will 9.9999999/10 be better than generics... pay a lil more get a better camera - Set yourself a budget, but make it low and be prepared to get small necessities and go for a bulk purchase discount!!


New information - when you are looking for a new kind of camera, be sure to be aware of the OIS feature many brands now offer, OIS refers to Optical Image Stabiliser (For those who speak english and anti-shake option, which helps those of us with an unsteady hand) OIS lets you capture the perfect shot every shot and make a holiday snap into a frameworked wonder... so do look for it if it's within budget.

Also an amendment to my comment regarding memory cards, obviously cards have now outdated that in the guide, so do look for a 1Gb or more, which will hold several hundred photos.

Card by brands

Kodak, Canon (NOT SLR), Panasonic - SD/MMC

Olympus, Fuji - xD

Sony - Pro Duo

Other brands like Casio, Nikon and Pentax will use mostly SD with the SLR cameras using a CF card

If you don't know what SLR is - don't worry you won't need one.

If you do know - you probably wouldn't shop on ebay anyway...


I hope this update gives your camera seeking skills a tune up!

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