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I find that throw pillows have the ability to instantly make any atmosphere fun, playful, casual and interesting. That’s possibly why we love them at our homes, the top home décor magazines have embraced them and the best interior designers have hugged them tight.

With their popularity it is no surprise that we have scatter cushions out there with so many different designs, textures and shapes to choose from. I love mixing and matching these different options to carry a certain message.

Recently, I wanted to create a more fresh, crisp & sunny look in my TV lounge. To get a light, fresh feel I chose the colour turquoise... Which always takes me to the breezy vast oceans. Turquoise alone is so serene; but I wanted more cheer and vibrance in the message I created. So, I chose bright yellow hues to go side by side with the turquoise/Aqua shades.

I picked throw cushion covers with geometric patterns for a trendy, harmonious look. 2 different geometric lattice patterns together with an Ikat chevron pattern mixed beautifully. But I wanted a bit more interest in there… So I added a modern floral throw pillow to shine amidst the geometric patterns. To give it all some “bond” or “glue” to connect… the geometric covers are in sunny lemon yellow and Turquoise while the one floral pillow has bits of all those colours. While the patterns are contrasting (geometrics and florals) the colours put them together on the same page.

I still wanted a little more drama. The last cushion I placed there was a different shape and a different design. It is a mustard yellow oblong cushion. Contrary to the other pillows, it is a solid colour cushion, and its detail is in the ruffle and the rustic button and loop feature... Quite different to all the other throw pillows.

I love how the,
  • Different patterns - geometrics, florals, solid colours, ruffles and rustic buttons;
  • Different shapes - oblong and square;
  • Contrasting colours - sunny yellow and Turquoise/Aqua
all sit together with something common bonding them, as an orchestra playing a dramatic, vibrant, fresh and crisp composition. 
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