The Beginner's Guide to Google Wallet

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The Beginner's Guide to Google Wallet

Google Wallet is a new way to pay for purchases online, in stores and at restaurants. Google Wallet eliminates the need to carry credit and debit cards in a traditional wallet and makes shopping at online retailers like eBay more efficient. There are other benefits, too, such as allowing users to easily send money to others and take advantage of rewards and loyalty programs.

Google Wallet is a mobile payments application. Account holders can add money to it from many sources, including a bank account, debit cards, or even credit cards. Money can also be received from others into a Google Wallet account. The money can be spent by using an in-store card reader and the Google Wallet card, or by using a contactless reader that will access the Google Wallet account through the app on a mobile phone. In addition, the account can be used online or for in-app purchases that accept Google Wallet.


How to Setup Google Wallet

1. Set up a Google account (if needed). This is quick and easy to do from the Google page. Just click the link at the top right.

2. Go to the Google Wallet home page. Point the browser to

3. Enter personal and billing information.The form is self-explanatory. Simply fill in all the fields and click on 'Accept.'

4. Be sure to verify identity for added security. Just click on the gear in the top right corner of the page. Check the information presented on the screen for accuracy, and then click Verify.

5. Set up a pin. This is another important security step for using the wallet to withdraw money. Just click on Settings and create a pin for the wallet.

6. Install the app. Click on the link on the Google Wallet homepage and the page will send you to the iTunes Store or to Google Play for the correct version of the app.

7. Add money to the account. Transfer money from a bank account or a debit or credit card. There is a fee for using the debit/credit card option, however.

8.Order or Activate the wallet card. This is an added feature. Start by requesting the card from the Google Wallet homepage. When the card arrives,simply go to the homepage to activate it. The Google Wallet card can be used at locations that don't use a contactless payment reader. Simply


How to Use Google Wallet

Google Wallet can be used for both in-store purchases and online purchases, using either the app or the Google Wallet card.

When using Google Wallet in a store, there are two options. First, simply use the existing debit and credit card machine with a Google Wallet card. This will work in most locations where MasterCard is accepted. Choose debit or credit and enter the Google Wallet pin.

If the app is being used for a purchase and the store has a payment reader machine, simply hold your mobile phone, with the app opened, up to the reader and when prompted, enter the pin number.

It's easy to use Google Wallet for online purchases. Simply look for the "Buy with Google" button or logo on checkout and follow the on-screen instructions. There are many online sites that currently accept Google Wallet payments, and the list is rapidly growing.


Extras Included with Google Wallet

One of the nice features of Google Wallet is that users can easily track income and expenditures to and from the wallet. By viewing the transactions listing, users can have more control and better insight into their financial life. Loyalty and rewards programs can also be tracked. Loyalty program numbers can be entered directly into Google Wallet, and some programs provide the ability to check on rewards status and updates directly from the app. At times, special offers are available through Google Wallet that are not available elsewhere. Be sure to click on these when they show up in the app or on the desktop version. Google Wallet also provides shipment tracking. The app allows you to track order history and shipment status, as well as receive updates.

There are a growing number of avenues for using both the electronic payment method and the Google Wallet card. Consumers will likely find the convenience and ease of use an attractive way to simplify their financial life.

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