The Complete Guide to Xbox 360 Controllers

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The Complete Guide to Xbox 360 Controllers

Operating an Xbox 360 is only possible with a specially designed controller. They are not to be confused with controllers designed for the original Xbox, which are not compatible with the 360 console.

Any additional controllers needed for the Xbox 360 can be purchased on eBay, a popular site used by sellers to offload additional pads. Because of this, plenty of different designs can be found and prices are very competitive compared to the entire market.

Specifications of the Xbox 360 Controller

The table below highlights the most important details for the Xbox controller:






2 × AA or Nickel-metal hydride battery or USB-host powered


Wireless, USB, 2.5 mm headset jack


Wireless - 154 × 105 × 61.3 mm. Wired - 152 × 107 × 54.0 mm


3.0 metres (Wired only)


Wireless - 265 g. Wired – 300 g.

Design of the Xbox 360 Controller

Designed to comfortably fit in the hand, the Xbox controller is bulkier than its PlayStation counterpart. Featured on the front of the pad are 2 analogue sticks, a D-pad, and eleven digital buttons.

The main control buttons are the Start, Back, and Guide buttons, whilst the action buttons of A (green), B(red) , X (blue), and Y(yellow) are located on the right hand side. On the top of the controller lies the bumper and trigger on both the right and left side.

For the wireless versions, there is also a Connect button located between the bumpers on the top of the pad. This is to sync the controller with the console itself.

What the Buttons Do

The main guide button, located in the centre of the pad with the Xbox logo, is used to turn on/off the pad and also access the Xbox dashboard. This provides access to a variety of features such as messaging, downloading content, and voice chat. Flashing LED lights, divided into four quadrants, surround the button that can indicate the controller number and any incoming messages.

Movement for option menus and games themselves is provided by the left/right analogue sticks and/or the D-pad, depending on preference. Both analogue sticks can be clicked in to activate additional digital buttons beneath.

The four action buttons are simply used as individual controls for different games, resulting in various actions on screen when pressed.

Special Edition Xbox 360 Controllers

Microsoft has released special editions for their Xbox controllers relating to popular games for the console. For example, pads designed for Tomb Raider, Call of Duty, and Fable can be found on eBay.

In addition, an increased range of colours have also been issued along with the standard white model. Some of these, such as the dark and light blue versions, were only released in certain countries abroad. eBay provides a route into acquiring them. Other popular colours include greens, pinks, blacks, and reds.

Accessories for Xbox 360 Controllers

Important add-ons for an Xbox 360 controller include:

  • Wireless Receiver – For wireless pads, a bespoke wireless gaming receiver is needed. It works by connecting the pad via a proprietary 2.4 GHz protocol and is attuned to operate with pads, racing wheels, and headsets. Up to 4 controllers and headsets can be connected at the same time, with a 30 foot range.
  • Rechargeable Battery Pack – For prolonged use, a battery pack can be used to charge the two AA batteries inside the pad through the controller itself. Up to 25 hours of continuous gaming can be supplied for the wireless controller.
  • Messenger Pad – A keyboard accessory known as a Chatpad can fitted into some pads and offers a much easier way to type and connect to other Xbox users online.

Buying an Xbox 360 Controller on eBay

There are an abundance of Xbox 360 pads being listed on eBay on a regular basis from both sellers in Australia and abroad. Finding one within the appropriate category and completing a purchase is relatively quick and easy for eBay shoppers.

Simply type ‘Xbox 360 controller' into the search bar on the eBay home page and use the refinements menu to home in on the most appropriate results. Select the Video Games & Consoles category, and then Controllers & Attachments in the Accessories section. Entering more specific keywords can pinpoint a precise pad.

eBay provides the chance to buy through an auction in the hope of winning an item at a potentially low price, and also instantly via the buy it now format. New and used controllers are also available; take more care when buying second-hand goods on the site.

Read the description of the controller carefully, making sure it will function with the 360 console, asking any relevant questions to the seller as required.

Although eBay will present Xbox 360 controllers at a lower price than can often be found elsewhere, the Deals section of the site offers even further reductions on products with free postage costs included also.


An Xbox 360 controller is needed to operate the Xbox console, with both wired and wireless versions available. They come in a different range of colours and themes associated with Xbox games such as Halo. There are plenty of pads listed on eBay at competitive prices, usually under $40.

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