The Ultimate Guide to iPod Classic Cases

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The Ultimate Guide to iPod Classic Cases

Cases are vital for protecting high tech gadgets like mobile phones, iPods and, computer tablets. iPod cases safeguard the electronic devices from a range of damage from scrapes and scratches to cracks.

iPod cases are available to suit all iPods including the iPod Nano, iPod Classic, iPod Shuffle and the iPod touch. iPod cases are also available in many different styles, shapes, patterns, designs, and colours to accommodate for people’s individual tastes, preferences, and requirements.

The purpose of this guide is to inform the reader all about iPod classic cases and to explain how to purchase these electronic accessories safely and efficiently from eBay.

iPod Cases

iPod cases are essential for the longevity of the music playing devices. Should an iPod be dropped and it’s not in a protective casing, it can suffer some horrific damages like a cracked screen, which will more than likely need to be replaced in order for the owner to be able to read, see or use the screen.

Besides their safeguarding properties, iPod cases are also popular for their fashionable appearance. The extensive range of iPods cases for sale on the current market means that the owner can carefully select a case that represents their taste in music, their favourite band, or another feature of their identity.

Generally speaking, there are four types of iPod classic cases:


These cases simply slide the iPod into the padded fabric sleeve, which keeps it safe from sharp objects, such as keys or loose change, whilst it’s in a pocket or bag. iPod pouches and sleeves are ideal for providing protection to iPods when they aren’t being used. Some sleeves may host additional features like a belt clip or strap for easy and convenient carrying.

Book Style

Book style cases are generally considered to offer iPods the most amount of protection. These cases (also known as ‘wallet’ or ‘flip cases’) cover the back and sides of the iPod, as well as the front and screen when it is closed shut. Book style iPod cases are often considered a sensible option, but this is often overlooked, as their security properties (they look like a book or a notepad rather than an iPod) outweigh their appearance.


Skins are tight-fitting cases that are placed onto the iPod and protect the back and sides of the device. Most iPod skins are made from rubber or silicone, although some skins made from other materials, such as leather, metal, and wood, can also now be found available to purchase.

Armband Case

Armband iPod cases are cases that are incorporated onto an armband. These cases are also known as ‘jogger cases’ and are perfect for joggers, walkers or anyone who enjoys listening to music whilst performing exercise or undertaking a physical activity, as they present a convenient, easy to use hands-free option.

Another product that offers iPod Classics an element of protection is the iPod screen protector. These products are like laminate in that the product is placed directly on top of the iPod Classic’s screen, protecting it from smudges and scratches. For the ultimate protection of iPod Classics, use a screen protector as well as an iPod case.

iPod Classic Generations

As iPod Classics have been on general sale since 2001, there have been many different versions of them during this time. Generally, when Apple brings out a new version of the iPod Classic it is typically thinner and smaller in shape. The constantly evolving shape and design of the iPod Classic is why it’s imperative that the buyer knows the ‘generation’ of iPod that they own so that the case fits as well as it should.

Use the table below to establish which iPod generation is owned in order to have the most successful purchase.

Launch Date


1st Generation

October 2001

March 2002

5GB, 10GB

2nd Generation

July 2002

10GB, 20GB

3rd Generation

April 2003

September 2003

10GB, 15GB, 20GB, 30GB, 40GB

4th Generation

July 2004

October 2004

30GB, 30GB, 40GB, 50GB, 60GB

5th Generation

(iPod Classic With video)

October 2005

30GB, 60GB, 80GB

6th Generation

September 2007

September 2008

80GB, 120GB, 160GB,

How to Buy an iPod Classic Case on eBay

The choice of iPod Classic cases online dwarves those that can be found on the high street, with numerous amounts that can be reviewed and analysed next to each other, and be aligned with the buyer’s individual preferences and requirements. In this sense, eBay is perfect for offering a quick and easy route into searching for an iPod Classic case on the Internet.

For the most successful purchase, use the following advice for efficient and safe shopping on eBay:

  • Search: In order to start a search on the website, enter ‘iPod case’ into the search toolbar. Then, using the menu on the left-hand side of the screen, select ‘Electronics’ followed by ‘MP3 player accessories’. From here, select the option ‘iPod Classic’ under the subcategory ‘iPod Type’. To search for a specific product, like a silicone iPod Classic case, for example, enter ‘silicone iPod Classic case’ (along with any other specific key terms) into the search toolbar. Don’t forget that it’s always possible to narrow down the search results by using the categories list on the left-hand side of the screen. 
  • Compatibility: Always check the compatibility of the iPod Classic case with the iPod type before purchasing. If it’s not included in the product description then it’s strongly recommended to talk to the seller by using the ‘Ask A Question’ facility.
  • Shop Safely: In order to have the most successful purchase shopping on eBay, always read the product description carefully and thoroughly (in order to know exactly what is being purchased), and review the postage details and payment options prior to purchase. Finally, remember to always contact the seller if unsure about any part of the transaction. This function can also be used to ask the seller a question about the item, or if the buyer would simply like more information about the product.
  • Use PayPal: PayPal is the safest way to make online payments. PayPal permits shoppers to send payments quickly and safely online using a credit card, bank account or PayPal balance. Even though eBay accepts an extensive range of payment methods, PayPal is often considered the easiest and safest method of payment. For more information about how PayPal and eBay work together, so to keep customers protected whilst shopping online, please visit the ‘About PayPal’ page on the website.
  • eBay Deals: Don’t forget to check out the latest deals on iPod cases by looking in the ‘Electronics’ section. Many great discounts can be found here along with free postage costs.


There are many issues to consider and factors to take into account when purchasing an iPod Classic case. However, with all of the important information and careful considerations outlined in this guide, coupled with eBay’s highly detailed and easy to use website, buying an iPod Classic case is quick and easy.

Buying on eBay should be considered not only due to the potential of finding a good deal, but due to the extensive choice of iPod Classic cases that the website provides. Remember to always keep important personal information and banking details safe and secure by using renowned payment scheme PayPal to complete transactions with eBay sellers.

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