The secret of business. It's not so hard to remember!

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Business is for most part one thing.....3 seconds to think before you read any further......tick...tick...tick...

Yes that's right, you guessed it...It's customer service. And in a nutshell, what is customer service?

It is psychology, any business relates to the psychology of each and every individuals thought process, need or want. A main need of every person, customer or employee is to feel needed. If you can tap in to that element and truly understand individuality then you're half way to having a brilliant business that people will talk about.

For the customer an important fact of this as an example is phone calls. To feel needed is not to be sitting on hold for ages, or to be shoved from one department to another while they have to explain their situation over and over again. It is a true element that the most powerful form of advertising is 'Word Of Mouth' and that is the most viral form of advertising any business or company could need. To give a smile and to get one in return is the fact of relationship building. Once you have given and gained a smile then that is the tiniest but most important need of the human mind..interaction, bonding and to be heard. We are social creatures and running a business should never outweigh or eliminate these needs. It is so important. No one is so big or powerful or rich that they can forget human needs. And remember, these needs are blueprinted in to all of us and go back thousands and thousands of years.

Staff...speaking from experience as a once employee myself with harsh bosses. The most important element for any employer to remember is to give credit where credit is due and to include all staff in matters and remind them of their importance. If they are important then their work ethics will remain high and motivated. Quite simply, if your staff are not valued or given credit for good work then over time they will become stale. That is again human nature.

It does not matter who it is and what they are employed for, good work needs to given the credit it deserves, and to the right person, not the person finalising someone else's work. Incorporate staff in to your business processes and ask for their input and remind them that their input is valued. Your motivation and time as an employer will be dwarfed by your staff if they are given the positivity they deserve. Then, the most horrid of tasks and negative feedback from clients will be topics that will much easier be handled. If a staff member resolves a client complaint in a good way, then let them know they handled it in a great way and let them know that their skills are noticed.

At the end of each and every day, business is all about psychology and understanding human processes. We are all different and no one can be expected to be a robot. Staff or client. Some people have the natural qualities to compel others, while other people really struggle to draw people or gain responses. Anyone can be the energetic bubble that can lift anyone, but you just have to work on it.
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